Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My house is almost completely clean, thanks to a TON of help today from my mom and sister :) I went on a date with my husband tonight, and AppleBee's did all the cooking, thanks to a generous gift-card given to us :) I have no grocery shopping, errands to run, piano lessons to teach, or places to go tomorrow. Oh, and Joel's meeting for tomorrow night was canceled. (Yay!! I mean...ahem...that's too bad.....) So, ever feel inspired to have a 'different' kind of day? Here's what we'll be up to tomorrow:

  • Well, first we need to start with Cosette's school work of course. But that's okay, because she usually loves to do school. She was very upset the other day when I told her that we'd be taking a short break from school over the summer. Hmmm....might have to re-think that idea. Anyway, she has to spend a while tomorrow morning taking a math placement test so I know which curriculum level to buy her at the home-school fair next month.

  • If she gets her schoolwork done in time, I'd like to take the kiddos to story-time at the library. They LOVE this, but we haven't been there since before Thanksgiving!

  • Might start planning and mapping out my garden tomorrow and ordering seeds. My garden was semi-successful last year, and I got some good ideas of how to better arrange things so that they get more/less sun. I may try ordering some organic seeds this year....

  • Definitely trying a green Mc-Donald's-style shamrock shake after lunch! I'd just go buy one from McDonald's, but that would be spending money, which is a no-no in our house right now :) (See previous Valentine's Day post for explanation on all of that!)

  • Have been wanting to try a particular choc. chip cookie that a local bakery makes, but can't find a similar recipe anywhere. I think I'll have to 'settle' for making these

  • And, since according to my calculations that will make two 'treats' in one day, I hope that the tread-mill and I will be spending some quality time together as well :)

  • And maybe, during the kids nap-time, I can work on finishing the book I'm reading, Heaven is Real, by Don Piper.

Yes, yes, I'll also cook dinner and fold some laundry and change diapers and potty-train a 20 month old. My days as 'mama' are never boring or empty---it's all in finding the joy :)

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