Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Entering the third trimester, and.....

  • Have to sit down and really streeeeeetch to get my socks on.
  • Wake up in the middle of the night with terrible 'charlie horses' in my round ligaments (those muscle things on the right and left sides of your stomach). I can't roll over, can't move, can't 'rub it out'----so I end up waking up my husband with all of my moaning and groaning. But hey, you would too if you had a charlie horse in your stomach! Weird!! I don't remember these with my first three. And NO, they're not contractions---totally different!
  • Took three days off of all sugar and junk food. Felt good---WAS good for me and the baby. But, tomorrow, we're having strawberry cream cupcakes for dessert :)
  • Finally have a baby boy's name picked out, just in case
  • Spend ten minutes every morning with two little people rubbing cocoa butter into my itchy dry tummy.
  • Can't get full. Can. Not. Get. Full. No matter how much I eat! There is hardly ever a time that I'm NOT hungry.......Tried boosting my protein and fiber intake---didn't really help. I'm still hungry.
  • Am playing keyboard at a woman's retreat this week-end. Will probably play standing up because the nasty piano stool throws my pregnant body (i.e, back, hips, legs, etc), all out of wack!

But it's all good! With the arrival of the third trimester it feels like there is 'an end' in sight, and I Can Not wait to see my baby girl!!


Beverly said...

Jamie - I remember these things! Although I don't think I've ever had the charlie horses in my tummy ;-) I love the 10 minutes of little hands rubbing cocoa butter into mama's tummy!

Elizabeth said...

Have fun at the retreat this weekend! I was thinking about you today. I'm sorry I'm going to miss all of the fun and time with you but, we are really ready for this recital Saturday ....and ready to get it over with, finally! counting down the days with you til' your new arrival :) Hope those charlie horses go away! :) (maybe you need to eat grass...horses like that ......yes, I'm always full of terrible jokes!


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