Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Random, funny things

  • So I woke up last night with a start out of a sound sleep. My first thought was "Oh no, I fell asleep with the light on again!" (I've been known to do that.) Concerned over disturbing my husband, I reach over quickly to turn the light out. Only, as I flick the switch, it suddenly turns .....ON!! It had been off all along---I must have actually been half-asleep when I thought it was on. Confused, I sit up in the now light room and look at the clock. Midnight. I groan. I have just woken up out of a sound sleep at MIDNIGHT and flicked the light on for no apparent reason. I hear my husband groan and roll over, probably wondering why in the world his crazy wife needs a light at midnight. I turn OUT the light like I had originally intended and go back to sleep. End of story :)

  • Cosette's Grandpa said to her the other day "Wow Cosette, with all those pot-holders you're selling, you're becoming quite the entrepreneur!" Eli overheard and said "We don't want any manure Pappy Dale, that's horse and cow poop!"

  • We took a walk outside today with only light jackets on and thought what a beautiful warm day it was! Of course, we were thinking this as we walked pass people's yards still piled high with three feet of snow!

  • I turned on music today in the kitchen and Noah liked it so much that he started to 'dance'. His dancing mostly includes turning around in wild fast circles. He turned around so many times that he literally fell over and banged his head against the chair. Funny thing was, as soon as I had kissed it for him, he went and did the same thing again!

  • Joel found Legos in his clean sock the other day.

See, I told you they were random things :)

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