Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainy Day and Pictures

Well, actually, there was snow mixed with the rain, but we're just pretending that didn't really happen!
Seriously, though, I've been enjoying our warmer weather lately--beautiful, sunny days where the kids can go outside and play, ride bikes, and play on the swing-set.

Alas, today was NOT one of those days! I do my best to avoid the temptation of 'movie time' for the kids on those rainy days. I'll be honest with you and admit that every once in a while, I succumb. But, most of the time, I try to be more creative in the way my kids spend their time. (Rainy days or not!) Here are some things that we find 'worth-while' time pursuits (after school, Devotions, and chores are done, of course :)

1. Reading (or being read to, or Cosette reading to somebody, whatever)
2. Legos. Eli LOVES his legos! And Joel and I both feel that while they're incredibly fun, they're also a great way for him to develop his creative abilities and hand/eye coordination. He builds some pretty cool things sometimes! He also enjoys his Lincoln Logs.
3. Cosette loves to listen to books on CD. She's currently working her way through the Narnia series.
4. Painting or Coloring. If they're in the right mood, this can keep the kids interested for an hour or more.
5. Dress-up. I'm often privileged to spend my afternoon with kings, queens, super-guys, cowboys, ballerinas, etc.

Today, we got out our Pattern Shapes. These are very fun, and a great educational way for little ones to spend some time. Go search for them on amazon if you've never seen them before!

So, those are some of our families favorite pass-times. What do YOUR kids enjoy doing?

P.S. I know you all are out there!! I see you in my blog-counter thingamajig :) From Ohio to Europe to Canada to Virginia, you all are reading, and that makes me happy. Please use this opportunity to 'make yourself known' and leave me a comment! Of course, I'm privileged even if you don't comment, but that makes it more fun for everybody!


Chuck said...

i'm just amazed noah isn't eating lego's
on creative days we play hide and seek and read

Anonymous said...

Actually I wish I could have spent this rainy day and join the game - this looks really much better than my day was! Sending a hug over the ocean, Helen :-)

Rachael Boer said...

Leaving a comment... :)

I'm here; I enjoy reading!!


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