Saturday, March 20, 2010

On a warm spring day....

.....everybody can help outside! (leftover leaves from last fall :)

Even the smallest of people can help.

All you need is a willing heart and a decent set of muscles ;)

You might even be rewarded with a ride!

And besides, working together as a family is fun!

And pregnant mamas? Well, they mainly just walk around taking pictures of everybody!


Elizabeth said...

I am amazed at Noah's strength!!!! :) Do you realize that the last time I saw him he wasn't even walking yet? You're kids are growing too's really neat to see, and a little sad :( :)

Chuck said...

i try to do the "tom sawyer" , "yeh this work is really fun" thing too, but the kids usually figure it out pretty quick that there is a reason why they call it work

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures. I can't help but notice Joel's shirt. That brings back some soccer memories.

Mom Curtis


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