Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Craziness

At the beginning of March I thought "Bother, we have to get through the whole month of March before it even starts to be close to 'baby time'." And March is one of my least favorite months. (Sorry to my sister, whose birthday is in March) Seriously though. It's not really winter anymore, but not really spring. Do you pack up the winter sweaters yet, or leave them out? There are no major holidays. Getting too warm to cuddle up with hot chocolate, but not warm enough to open windows and plan a garden. March. Blah! So, I prayed and hoped that March would go by quickly, somehow.

One ought to be careful how one prays!!

As it ends up, March is.....crazy! Without going into details, we just have several different things going on, and our schedule is full. Every Sunday evening, I look at the following week on the calendar and am amazed that just about every day is full of stuff. And this is 'stuff' beyond all of our normal school-work, house-work, etc. There are meetings, dinners, church responsibilities, busy work days for Joel and jobs scheduled late in the day.....just tons of stuff!

I know many of you carry on this kind of schedule all the time.....kuddos to you! But it's not for me. With three small children, we like to keep our calendar a little more 'open'. We like to be home most evenings, spending time with our kids, training them, instructing them in God's Word, making our family our priority. If you're out all the time, running here and there, when do your children receive instruction? When do they see how a loving family and a smooth-running house hold are maintained? When are they taught about the love of Jesus? When do they benefit in mind, body and spirit by having regular bed-time routines, and full-nights of sleep?

I realize there are seasons for everything. When our kids are older, I'm sure we'll be out and about more, and they'll have their own activities and such. But now not. Not when their little bodies need routine, training, and sleep-eat-play schedules. :) Thank goodness this 'craziness' is only for the month of March. I can see that things will really slow down again in April. And in the meantime, the rest of March will 'fly by', just as I prayed for, and then, only two more months until Baby Toucan makes her arrival!!! :)

(By the way, many of you have asked where we came up with the name 'Toucan'. NO, this is not the babies real name! :) This is our 'code' name for the baby that Cosette came up with. We didn't want to just call her 'baby number four' until she arrived. I think Cosette had just watched a Dora movie, and there was a Toucan bird in it. So, this little one growing inside of me became 'Toucan' :) I know that when I first hold her in my arms, she will seem like 'Toucan' to me for a while, and not _______ :)

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