Monday, March 15, 2010

'Getting Ready to Leave' Time: About a bazillion hours

A simple trip to run errands. The bank, the library, a stop at Grandma's house.....nothing complicated here, folks. This is what getting out the door was like:

I told everybody to go to the living room and put their shoes on while I got my jacket. When I entered the living room, I saw three kids with shoes on. HOWEVER: Eli had his on the wrong feet, Cosette was wearing winter snow boots, even though there's practically no snow left, and Noah was proudly wearing his sister's black dress shoes ( I think because he can put them on by himself and strap them) Talk about a hilarious sight!

As I was trying to convince Cosette that snow-boots were not necessary today, Eli decided to help his little brother out onto the front porch, where Noah promptly sat down in a big muddy-wet spot. We had to change his pants before we even left the driveway.

I finally got everybody's OWN shoes on, pants changed, etc, and buckled myself in the van. But as I turned around in my seat to check on everybody, I realized with horror that I'd completely forgotten to buckle Eli into his carseat! He was back there struggling with it himself, poor little guy! So, after giving myself a mini lecture and double-checking the safety of all of my children, we finally pulled out of the driveway.

And how will I run errands when I've added another little one to the bunch this June? I have no idea :) I think we'll be finding the joy of staying at home a LOT more often :)


Chuck said...

It always takes longer to get the three little kids ready than it does for them to "play" outside.

At least the better weather means
1 or 2 less layers.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, um, yup, Wow is about all I can say! :) I was imagining sweet little Noah with his muddy pants :) You're an awesome mom, Jaime! :) I'll be happy to come visit you when "Toucan" comes :) And, I'm even willing to help put on shoes...heeehee ;)

(I just had this flash-back to the nice 'easy' days at A-B....our biggest struggle was finding a practice room and for Jaime it was grabbing the rest of the...was it waffles?? before the sports guys got em' :) Gotta love life.


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