Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I feel bad sometimes, like maybe I'm boring you all with these stories and pictures about my kids! But then I think, "Wait, this is my blog, and you all aren't forced to come here!" So, I have to assume that if you 'show up' here, you want to read all the little tid-bits and news about my family! Without further ado, then, here are the amusing things from my life today.....

Me: Noah, mommy needs to wipe the blueberry off of your face.
Noah: At first very compliant, but then beginning to complain a little
Me: Noah, hold still, you have blueberry on your nose
Noah: Now really complaining, struggling, and starting to cry
Me: (Rubbing the stubborn blueberry on his nose even harder) Noah, you must hold still while Mommy gets this blueberry.....oh, that was a scab! Oops! Sorry bud!!


I rearranged some of the furniture in my kitchen today. Now, we all keep trying to throw our trash away on the CD rack!


Cosette can read clearly from the book of Genesis all by herself, but she can't remember how to spell her last name! She always spells it like it sounds---'Cerdus'. Go figure!!


Eli: (With a frantic sound in his voice) Oh no, mom, I left my puppy (stuffed) at Grandma's house!
Me: No you didn't, Eli, I saw you with it in the van. I'll go get it.......Nope, sorry, Eli, it wasn't in the van, either. You're right, it must be at Grandma's house.
Eli: (Bursting into sobs) But Mommmmmyyy!!! I really miss my puppy!

*Later* Eli: Oh look mom, here it is, it was in my room the whole time!


Noah's very first word was 'Kristin'. I kid you not. It wasn't 'Mama, Kitty, Baby', or any other 'normal' first word. It was 'Kristin'. He said it one night when she walked in the front door. Today, he said his second 'real' word,(since 'mama' doesn't really count), which was 'ball'. And who did he say it for? Why, Kristin, of course!

(Yes, yes, at 20 months, he's a little behind in his talking, we know.....but he was walking (no, running!) at ten months, and he memorizes motions to memory verses, and he can hum specific tunes to songs, and point to all his body parts, and sit and listen to the story and color in Sunday School, and put his clothes on by himself, and get his point across one way or the other....so we're not worried! The talking will come when he is ready :)


Kelly said...

The talking will come, you are so right. Jack was a late talker too. He was just so physical that I don't think talking was his focus. He's three and talks fine now. Also, I had to chuckle at your comment about Cossette's reading/writing. Anna is similar in that she reads very well but when she writes, she usually forgets that words have vowels. It's a fun time in their development!
I hope you are all well and getting outside to play now that it is getting a little warmer out. We think of you all often.
By the way, I do love reading about your kids, which is why I come to your blog! I can't wait until there is one more to read about.

Anonymous said...

I will go out and look in the garage for an escalator or rocket ship, but its not likely. Anything out there belongs to Uncle Wray and inevitably has wheels.


plantmyappletree said...

This is NOT AT ALL boring, I love those stories :-) ... and my best friend just moved houses and does not have Internet, so her regular email stories on her kids are missing...


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