Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I feel bad sometimes, like maybe I'm boring you all with these stories and pictures about my kids! But then I think, "Wait, this is my blog, and you all aren't forced to come here!" So, I have to assume that if you 'show up' here, you want to read all the little tid-bits and news about my family! Without further ado, then, here are the amusing things from my life today.....

Me: Noah, mommy needs to wipe the blueberry off of your face.
Noah: At first very compliant, but then beginning to complain a little
Me: Noah, hold still, you have blueberry on your nose
Noah: Now really complaining, struggling, and starting to cry
Me: (Rubbing the stubborn blueberry on his nose even harder) Noah, you must hold still while Mommy gets this blueberry.....oh, that was a scab! Oops! Sorry bud!!


I rearranged some of the furniture in my kitchen today. Now, we all keep trying to throw our trash away on the CD rack!


Cosette can read clearly from the book of Genesis all by herself, but she can't remember how to spell her last name! She always spells it like it sounds---'Cerdus'. Go figure!!


Eli: (With a frantic sound in his voice) Oh no, mom, I left my puppy (stuffed) at Grandma's house!
Me: No you didn't, Eli, I saw you with it in the van. I'll go get it.......Nope, sorry, Eli, it wasn't in the van, either. You're right, it must be at Grandma's house.
Eli: (Bursting into sobs) But Mommmmmyyy!!! I really miss my puppy!

*Later* Eli: Oh look mom, here it is, it was in my room the whole time!


Noah's very first word was 'Kristin'. I kid you not. It wasn't 'Mama, Kitty, Baby', or any other 'normal' first word. It was 'Kristin'. He said it one night when she walked in the front door. Today, he said his second 'real' word,(since 'mama' doesn't really count), which was 'ball'. And who did he say it for? Why, Kristin, of course!

(Yes, yes, at 20 months, he's a little behind in his talking, we know.....but he was walking (no, running!) at ten months, and he memorizes motions to memory verses, and he can hum specific tunes to songs, and point to all his body parts, and sit and listen to the story and color in Sunday School, and put his clothes on by himself, and get his point across one way or the we're not worried! The talking will come when he is ready :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Why not the moon too?

List of what Eli wants for his birthday, which is still over a month away:

More legos, an escalator, an excavator, and a rocket ship.

Well, at least you can't say he doesn't aim high! Grandparents, any of you have an old escalator hanging around in your garage? :)
(Maybe we should go over that 'store up your treasures in heaven' verse again....)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So not funny....

So I was at my parents house last Sunday evening, and a bottle of coke just kind of slipped out of my hands, the lid popped loose, and half of that bottle of coke exploded everywhere. It would have been a whole bottle except my dad heard my screams of terror and came running to my rescue! Did you know that when a bottle of coke explodes it goes everywhere....on the floor, on white kitchen cabinets, under the fridge, even inside cupboards. They were finding coke splattered in weird places for quite a while. And all I wanted in the first place was a tiny mouthful!

Fast forward to Thursday evening. I was there again for Bible Study. I got a bottle of tea out of the fridge, and, while holding a glass, asked if I could open it. My mom was about to say sure, but then remembered the coke incident, and said "Um, actually, no! Kristin, go pour a glass of tea for Jaime!" I laughed at their goofiness---"Guys, tea doesn't explode!" As I shook my head in amusement, I turned around to sit the empty glass and the tea on the counter and.....

The glass just kind of slipped out of my hands.....right onto the hard tile floor in the kitchen, and shattered. No kidding. So we had to stop in the middle of our Bible Study discussion to clean up my broken glass. Mom says it's a good thing Toucan is still in utero right now, or she'd be an endangered species too.....

Let's just say I'm banned from everything in the kitchen now except plastic cups and water. At least until the baby comes and my 'pregnancy clutziness' is gone ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Haircut and the Baby Bump

I finally got my hair cut today. I've needed one since, like, the New Year! When I took off my jacket (which was partially covering my baby bump), the hair-dresser said "Look at YOU!" Hmmm...I'll take that as a compliment, thank you! Yep, that's my ever-growing Toucan you see there:)

(Picture courtesy of big sister Cosette)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainy Day and Pictures

Well, actually, there was snow mixed with the rain, but we're just pretending that didn't really happen!
Seriously, though, I've been enjoying our warmer weather lately--beautiful, sunny days where the kids can go outside and play, ride bikes, and play on the swing-set.

Alas, today was NOT one of those days! I do my best to avoid the temptation of 'movie time' for the kids on those rainy days. I'll be honest with you and admit that every once in a while, I succumb. But, most of the time, I try to be more creative in the way my kids spend their time. (Rainy days or not!) Here are some things that we find 'worth-while' time pursuits (after school, Devotions, and chores are done, of course :)

1. Reading (or being read to, or Cosette reading to somebody, whatever)
2. Legos. Eli LOVES his legos! And Joel and I both feel that while they're incredibly fun, they're also a great way for him to develop his creative abilities and hand/eye coordination. He builds some pretty cool things sometimes! He also enjoys his Lincoln Logs.
3. Cosette loves to listen to books on CD. She's currently working her way through the Narnia series.
4. Painting or Coloring. If they're in the right mood, this can keep the kids interested for an hour or more.
5. Dress-up. I'm often privileged to spend my afternoon with kings, queens, super-guys, cowboys, ballerinas, etc.

Today, we got out our Pattern Shapes. These are very fun, and a great educational way for little ones to spend some time. Go search for them on amazon if you've never seen them before!

So, those are some of our families favorite pass-times. What do YOUR kids enjoy doing?

P.S. I know you all are out there!! I see you in my blog-counter thingamajig :) From Ohio to Europe to Canada to Virginia, you all are reading, and that makes me happy. Please use this opportunity to 'make yourself known' and leave me a comment! Of course, I'm privileged even if you don't comment, but that makes it more fun for everybody!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

On a warm spring day....

.....everybody can help outside! (leftover leaves from last fall :)

Even the smallest of people can help.

All you need is a willing heart and a decent set of muscles ;)

You might even be rewarded with a ride!

And besides, working together as a family is fun!

And pregnant mamas? Well, they mainly just walk around taking pictures of everybody!

Weird Random Baby Facts

Random Baby Fact #1: "Women who eat 5x a day are less likely to have pre-term labor." Oh dear. By my calculations, that means I will probably be carrying this baby until.....October!!

Random Baby Fact #2: I realized the other night that I routinely gain almost half of my normal body weight when I'm pregnant! Think of that---almost HALF of my body weight! No wonder I'm feeling so huge.

Random Baby Fact #3: "Women who have severe heart-burn while pregnant are more likely to have babies with lots of hair, due to the fact that the hormones that control hair growth and acid indigestion are the same." I have had NO heart-burn this time around, so I'm expecting a bald baby ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Groundhog Day......Not in this house!

I am a first-born daughter. Do you know what this means? It means that I like to 'get things done'. I like to accomplish things. I like to feel like my life 'means something'. I love a good 'to do' list, seeing those items checked off! Some days, however, I feel like.....I maybe my job as 'stay at home mom' isn't really accomplishing anything. Have you ever watched the movie 'Groundhog Day', where Bill Murray wakes up to the exact same day over and over and over again? Ugh...I can't stand that movie for that exact reason! Some days, my chores feel just like that. The same dishes get put into the dishwasher over and over. The pair of kids jeans that I just washed, dryed, folded and put away yesterday are in the laundry again today. And yes, I will cook another involved meal, just to have everybody eat it and make my kitchen messy again.

At least, these are the thoughts that run through my head. I want to scream to the world, "Yes, I DO have a brain, and I still remember how to use it!!" I think of the working mom, bringing home a nice pay-check each week. I think of the student in medical school, learning new and exciting things each day. I think of, well.....just about anybody but myself, and the sin of dis-contentment creeps in. Instead of seeing all of my blessings, I see what I think I don't have.

But then, I have to stop and, well, slap myself, to put it bluntly. "Wake up, Jaime!" Sure, these are the same silly jeans that were dirty yesterday----be glad you're home with your kids to wash them! Yes, you just spent an hour cooking yet another dinner---and your family is well-nourished, happy, and healthy because of it.

And also, when you look at old pictures like these, and realize that this incredibly mischievious little guy.........

has somehow, in the past four years, grown into this mischievious big guy.......

well, I realize that I did have a big part in that. And yes, I am accomplishing something----it's just a slow work in progress---one dirty pair of jeans, one Bible Story, one math lesson, one hug, one kiss, one day at a time :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My house is almost completely clean, thanks to a TON of help today from my mom and sister :) I went on a date with my husband tonight, and AppleBee's did all the cooking, thanks to a generous gift-card given to us :) I have no grocery shopping, errands to run, piano lessons to teach, or places to go tomorrow. Oh, and Joel's meeting for tomorrow night was canceled. (Yay!! I mean...ahem...that's too bad.....) So, ever feel inspired to have a 'different' kind of day? Here's what we'll be up to tomorrow:

  • Well, first we need to start with Cosette's school work of course. But that's okay, because she usually loves to do school. She was very upset the other day when I told her that we'd be taking a short break from school over the summer. Hmmm....might have to re-think that idea. Anyway, she has to spend a while tomorrow morning taking a math placement test so I know which curriculum level to buy her at the home-school fair next month.

  • If she gets her schoolwork done in time, I'd like to take the kiddos to story-time at the library. They LOVE this, but we haven't been there since before Thanksgiving!

  • Might start planning and mapping out my garden tomorrow and ordering seeds. My garden was semi-successful last year, and I got some good ideas of how to better arrange things so that they get more/less sun. I may try ordering some organic seeds this year....

  • Definitely trying a green Mc-Donald's-style shamrock shake after lunch! I'd just go buy one from McDonald's, but that would be spending money, which is a no-no in our house right now :) (See previous Valentine's Day post for explanation on all of that!)

  • Have been wanting to try a particular choc. chip cookie that a local bakery makes, but can't find a similar recipe anywhere. I think I'll have to 'settle' for making these

  • And, since according to my calculations that will make two 'treats' in one day, I hope that the tread-mill and I will be spending some quality time together as well :)

  • And maybe, during the kids nap-time, I can work on finishing the book I'm reading, Heaven is Real, by Don Piper.

Yes, yes, I'll also cook dinner and fold some laundry and change diapers and potty-train a 20 month old. My days as 'mama' are never boring or empty---it's all in finding the joy :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

'Getting Ready to Leave' Time: About a bazillion hours

A simple trip to run errands. The bank, the library, a stop at Grandma's house.....nothing complicated here, folks. This is what getting out the door was like:

I told everybody to go to the living room and put their shoes on while I got my jacket. When I entered the living room, I saw three kids with shoes on. HOWEVER: Eli had his on the wrong feet, Cosette was wearing winter snow boots, even though there's practically no snow left, and Noah was proudly wearing his sister's black dress shoes ( I think because he can put them on by himself and strap them) Talk about a hilarious sight!

As I was trying to convince Cosette that snow-boots were not necessary today, Eli decided to help his little brother out onto the front porch, where Noah promptly sat down in a big muddy-wet spot. We had to change his pants before we even left the driveway.

I finally got everybody's OWN shoes on, pants changed, etc, and buckled myself in the van. But as I turned around in my seat to check on everybody, I realized with horror that I'd completely forgotten to buckle Eli into his carseat! He was back there struggling with it himself, poor little guy! So, after giving myself a mini lecture and double-checking the safety of all of my children, we finally pulled out of the driveway.

And how will I run errands when I've added another little one to the bunch this June? I have no idea :) I think we'll be finding the joy of staying at home a LOT more often :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Craziness

At the beginning of March I thought "Bother, we have to get through the whole month of March before it even starts to be close to 'baby time'." And March is one of my least favorite months. (Sorry to my sister, whose birthday is in March) Seriously though. It's not really winter anymore, but not really spring. Do you pack up the winter sweaters yet, or leave them out? There are no major holidays. Getting too warm to cuddle up with hot chocolate, but not warm enough to open windows and plan a garden. March. Blah! So, I prayed and hoped that March would go by quickly, somehow.

One ought to be careful how one prays!!

As it ends up, March is.....crazy! Without going into details, we just have several different things going on, and our schedule is full. Every Sunday evening, I look at the following week on the calendar and am amazed that just about every day is full of stuff. And this is 'stuff' beyond all of our normal school-work, house-work, etc. There are meetings, dinners, church responsibilities, busy work days for Joel and jobs scheduled late in the day.....just tons of stuff!

I know many of you carry on this kind of schedule all the time.....kuddos to you! But it's not for me. With three small children, we like to keep our calendar a little more 'open'. We like to be home most evenings, spending time with our kids, training them, instructing them in God's Word, making our family our priority. If you're out all the time, running here and there, when do your children receive instruction? When do they see how a loving family and a smooth-running house hold are maintained? When are they taught about the love of Jesus? When do they benefit in mind, body and spirit by having regular bed-time routines, and full-nights of sleep?

I realize there are seasons for everything. When our kids are older, I'm sure we'll be out and about more, and they'll have their own activities and such. But now not. Not when their little bodies need routine, training, and sleep-eat-play schedules. :) Thank goodness this 'craziness' is only for the month of March. I can see that things will really slow down again in April. And in the meantime, the rest of March will 'fly by', just as I prayed for, and then, only two more months until Baby Toucan makes her arrival!!! :)

(By the way, many of you have asked where we came up with the name 'Toucan'. NO, this is not the babies real name! :) This is our 'code' name for the baby that Cosette came up with. We didn't want to just call her 'baby number four' until she arrived. I think Cosette had just watched a Dora movie, and there was a Toucan bird in it. So, this little one growing inside of me became 'Toucan' :) I know that when I first hold her in my arms, she will seem like 'Toucan' to me for a while, and not _______ :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More homeschooling updates

Love, love, LOVE homeschooling so far! Every day is new and exciting. When you see a 'light-bulb' go off in your child's head, it is so rewarding! Cosette and I really enjoy her science days. Here is Cosette's first ever science experiment paper :) I asked her to write a 'summary' on the experiments she had done that day. She did this all on her own. Notice that she is still spelling everything very phonetically. Since she is reading so well and is still only five, I'm not too concerned. I know her spelling will catch up in due time. With that said, I was very proud of her.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Random, funny things

  • So I woke up last night with a start out of a sound sleep. My first thought was "Oh no, I fell asleep with the light on again!" (I've been known to do that.) Concerned over disturbing my husband, I reach over quickly to turn the light out. Only, as I flick the switch, it suddenly turns .....ON!! It had been off all along---I must have actually been half-asleep when I thought it was on. Confused, I sit up in the now light room and look at the clock. Midnight. I groan. I have just woken up out of a sound sleep at MIDNIGHT and flicked the light on for no apparent reason. I hear my husband groan and roll over, probably wondering why in the world his crazy wife needs a light at midnight. I turn OUT the light like I had originally intended and go back to sleep. End of story :)

  • Cosette's Grandpa said to her the other day "Wow Cosette, with all those pot-holders you're selling, you're becoming quite the entrepreneur!" Eli overheard and said "We don't want any manure Pappy Dale, that's horse and cow poop!"

  • We took a walk outside today with only light jackets on and thought what a beautiful warm day it was! Of course, we were thinking this as we walked pass people's yards still piled high with three feet of snow!

  • I turned on music today in the kitchen and Noah liked it so much that he started to 'dance'. His dancing mostly includes turning around in wild fast circles. He turned around so many times that he literally fell over and banged his head against the chair. Funny thing was, as soon as I had kissed it for him, he went and did the same thing again!

  • Joel found Legos in his clean sock the other day.

See, I told you they were random things :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

A new 'talent'

Ever since Noah was a baby, he has loved bath-time! But recently, his big brother taught him how to blow bubbles in the tub.

He thinks that's just the most hilarious thing in the world!

Friday, March 05, 2010


Just a few thoughts on tonight's first retreat session:

Receiving a 'get out of hell free card' is a very good reason to become a Christian. But God has SO MUCH MORE that He wants to offer you. He wants to have an intimately personal relationship with you.

God wants to be more than your Friend.

He wants to be more than your Father.

He wants to be more than even your Lover.

He wants to be the Indwelling Holy Spirit through Whom you move and live and have your being.

Won't you take that step to make Him your 'chosen pleasure', rather than your 'daily duty', or even your 'daily quiet time discipline'. Won't you come under the cover of His protection?

He loves us. And how often we miss this all-important fact. He. Loves. Us.

Thoughts taken from speaker Beth Coppedge

Thursday, March 04, 2010

One of my hobbies

I am an art collector. What? You say you didn't know that about me? Well, you learn something new every day! The pieces of art hanging in my home are among my dearest possessions. Of course, I only have interest mainly in three specific artists, and all of their work was done in the last five years or so. I have several of their originals hanging in my home. Take a look:

This first one is called "Girl in the Sunshine"

Cosette Elise, Age 5

This next one I call "T is for Toad"

Elias Jacob, Age 3

Why, I even have some abstract work!

Noah Shaun, age 1 1/2

One of my favorites is a personal letter sent to me by one of the artists:

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Entering the third trimester, and.....

  • Have to sit down and really streeeeeetch to get my socks on.
  • Wake up in the middle of the night with terrible 'charlie horses' in my round ligaments (those muscle things on the right and left sides of your stomach). I can't roll over, can't move, can't 'rub it out'----so I end up waking up my husband with all of my moaning and groaning. But hey, you would too if you had a charlie horse in your stomach! Weird!! I don't remember these with my first three. And NO, they're not contractions---totally different!
  • Took three days off of all sugar and junk food. Felt good---WAS good for me and the baby. But, tomorrow, we're having strawberry cream cupcakes for dessert :)
  • Finally have a baby boy's name picked out, just in case
  • Spend ten minutes every morning with two little people rubbing cocoa butter into my itchy dry tummy.
  • Can't get full. Can. Not. Get. Full. No matter how much I eat! There is hardly ever a time that I'm NOT hungry.......Tried boosting my protein and fiber intake---didn't really help. I'm still hungry.
  • Am playing keyboard at a woman's retreat this week-end. Will probably play standing up because the nasty piano stool throws my pregnant body (i.e, back, hips, legs, etc), all out of wack!

But it's all good! With the arrival of the third trimester it feels like there is 'an end' in sight, and I Can Not wait to see my baby girl!!


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