Saturday, February 27, 2010

So true

"True, he's not actually carrying the baby you'll both soon be cradling (nor will he end up with the stretch marks to prove it), but he's carrying other loads — if only so you don't have to. There's plenty of effort to go around when it comes to pregnancy — and plenty of sacrifices to be made on both sides. You get sciatica; he gets more dog walking. You turn green at the sight of uncooked chicken; he mans the broiler. You crave watermelon in the middle of the night (and the middle of winter); he's driving around trying to find an open market that sells fruit out of season. You get mood swings, he gets swung at. He's the yin to your expectant yang — you couldn't do it without him, or at least, you wouldn't want to try. "

I LOVE this quote! It's so true! I do try not to be all 'wishy-washy, moany groany' while I'm pregnant. After all, I agreed to this situation as well, and fully understood the challenges it brings after having gone through it three times already. However, it still also remains true that once in a while, I need an extra break or a little extra help, or just a listening ear so I can whine a little bit about how much my growing belly itches, or how I can't get my own socks on now ;) My husband remains that faithful, steadfast, always there for me guy! I love you Joel! Couldn't do this without you :) Three more months, Love, and we'll be holding our baby girl :)

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Elizabeth said...

Is Cosette still selling pot-holders :) I would be happy to buy one from her and make her happy :) Hope everyone gets better soon!! I think I'm at the beginning of a cold (not good timing for that) but....tis' the season!! You know what I really really want???? To see a flower growing outside! HAHA! :)

Hope you have a good weekend....hard to get excited about snow at this point but like the people said at church (trying to be positive thinkers) the new snow covers up the dirtied-up snow so it's pretty now! :)


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