Saturday, February 27, 2010

My girl

Well, one of my girls :) The other one I have yet to meet---she just likes to kick me all day long!

But this first girl of mine---Oh, how I love her! The minute I first laid eyes on her 7lb, 3oz little pink body and she snuggled up next to me, I knew it was love at first site.

Of course, any good parent will love their child no matter what. That's just part of being a parent! But, sometimes they do things that make you extra proud, extra happy, extra thankful that you were allowed this privilege of being their Mommy!

Here's the happenings of my little girl lately:

This morning at breakfast, I announced that I was feeling very 'pregnant', and would be taking my first real 'pregnancy day' off of all official work :) (Yes, even stay-at-home moms need a day 'off' sometimes) That meant no picking up toys, no house-cleaning, no organizing----my plans were to get a Sunday School lesson ready, fix meals, and relax the rest of the day! A little after breakfast, Cosette came to me and said that she would like to clean the bathroom for me. I was a little surprised, and tried to talk her out of it. I assured her that I did not expect her to do that, but she said she realllllly wanted to. I wondered in amusement if a 'good' parent allows their five year old to clean the bathroom all by themselves, but decided--hey, if she wanted to do it, what could it hurt??

She told me she wanted NO help and to go 'relax' :) But I couldn't help peeking around the corner every couple of minutes to check on her progress. Let me tell you, that bathroom got just as clean, if not cleaner, than when I scrub it! I asked her how she knew what to do, and she said "I'm just trying to do it like you do, Mommy!" And don't worry, we use all organic, chemical free cleaners, and she washed her hands especially good afterwards ;)

Second matter of pride:

She wants to buy her own American Girls Doll. I assured her that Daddy and I could NOT spend that much money on a doll right now, especially since she doesn't have a birthday or anything coming up anytime soon. So, she decided all on her own that she would sell her homemade potholders to try to earn her own money. How's that for a little entrepreneur?? She sits and works on these things for hours at a time! Here's what she has finished so far. Aren't they pretty?

By the way, she's selling them for $4.00, in case you'd like one. Just my own little plug there ;)

Third matter of pride:

She has her first loose tooth. She is thrilled, to say the least. We thought that it was loose a few months ago, but it tightened back up. This time, however, it seems to be 'the real thing'. Let's hope she handles it better than I used to. (I literally kicked and screamed my way through every loose tooth----Sorry Mom and Dad!!!)

My 'little girl' is growing up-----and just in time to be a real help when her new baby sister comes! I am so loving this joy of seeing my family grow and develop!


Anonymous said...

okay, I accept your apology, finally. :) I remember Dad and I working out stategies to get your extremely loose teeth out of your mouth before you swallowed them in your sleep. Bribes, reassurances, reasoning...nothing usually worked. How many did we pull while Dad held you down and I flicked the little pearl from your screaming, protesting mouth? It usually ended in you laughing and saying something like, "that didn't hurt at all, NEXT time, I won't be so scared"....right. Oh well, I pray that your offspring can lose their teeth without so much trauma. PS We do love to tell these stories on you, you know.

Elizabeth said...

Haha...Jaime, I think your kids have 2 ups on you now!..wait, three :)

1) they LIKE to clean the bathroom!
2) They don't mind loose teeth
3) They don't mind eating their peas :) :) :)

heehee.....I'm assuming when you blog these things you expect a little fun teasing :) Seriously though, I can't believe how BIG Cosette is getting! I miss seeing you and your kids...maybe when your next baby is up and walking the snow will finally melt...haha :)

p.s. in all fairness, while I didn't mind losing my teeth as a child, there was an awful lot of crying involved when two big brothers would threaten to throw out the concerned tooth...that I wanted to save for the tooth fairy!!! :) :) you're lucky you were the oldest...that's all I have to say :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, being five years old and doing such a good job, she is really a responsible girl and has such a good heart when she wants to help her mommy - seems you are doing a good job in rising this sweetheart :-)

I checked on the dolls and gasped at the prices at Amazon. Well, they are beautiful, I admit, (there are a lot of ugly dolls out there, but the AG dolls really look special), but the most expensive I saw was 267$?!?? OK, it was sold out and obviously rare, but ...?

Anonymous said...

Go for it Cosette.

Grandma Rhoda

Chuck said...

Cosette is one special girl
God is sooooooooo good
Praise God she is so willing to
work for what she wants, that is totally "counter-culture" in our 'entitlement' society

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Oh, my. What a wonderful idea, to bless Mama with the yuckiest job being done! ;) Cosette, you are beautiful from the inside out!

May I ask where she got the pattern for her little potholders? I think my Eliana would love to try this!

And, have you heard of Vision Forum? They sell beautiful, American Girl-like dolls, and they are historical and very affordable! It's called The Beautiful Girlhood Collection.

Just thought I'd plug... I'm saving up to get one for Eliana. Perhaps I should make some potholders. ;)

Jaime said...

Elise---Thanks for the link. I have bought things from Vision Forum before, but had forgotten about their Beautiful Girlhood Collection! I'm headed over there right now to check it out :)
Oh, and the potholders----we just got a potholder loom and loops from the craft section of WalMart.(You could probably order online?) The directions on how to make them are in there :)

Pony and Petey said...

My niece made us potholders when she was about 7 years old. She's almost 31 now and those potholders get used every single day!

I can't believe how well they've held up to that kind of use. Definitely worth $4.00!!!


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