Saturday, February 06, 2010

Let it snow!

We got a 'little' more snow last night. Okay, a lot! Here is the snow cave that Joel helped the kids build. Yes, that's him and Cosette in there. Yes, this is in our front yard, not the North Pole!

Noah took a little time to get 'warmed up' to the snow (haha!), but once he did, he loved it. He came inside to get warm, and as soon as he saw the snow tunnel Daddy had built, he wanted to head right back out again!


Elizabeth said...

playing in big huge snow storm snow like this makes the best child-hood memories :) good thing you're taking lots of pictures!! I bet your making a lot of hot coco today too :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesone tunnel! What a fun dad.
Mom C


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