Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homeschooling at it's finest

This, my friends, is the picture of success. It might accurately be titled "Never underestimate your five year old." But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back track a bit....

Cosette and I were doing her science experiments this morning. She's been learning about water lately---how water changes shape to fit different containers, how it always has a level surface, how things float or sink, how a submarine works, that type of thing.

Today, she was learning about how the surface of water acts like a type of 'skin'. We were supposed to put a needle on the top surface of a glass of water, and watch as it didn't sink. The directions in the book made it seem simple. Then, we were supposed to add some dish detergent and watch as the needle would suddenly sink, due to the surface of the water being stretched. However, try as I might, that needle would not stay on the top of the water! I did it just like the book instructed. I tried it a million different ways. I must have worked at it for ten straight minutes, and the kids were really starting to get wiggly and tired.

Joel was home from work, due to yet another snow-storm that we are getting. He was in another room, getting a head start on his sermon for Sunday. I went back and begged him to come help me get this needle to 'float'. "I'm a lousy teacher!" I whined.

For the next five minutes, my husband also tried a million different ways to get this needle to stay on the top of the water. No luck. He asked for a pair of tweezers, and tried it that way too. Nope. He finally gave up and admitted defeat. My husband, whom I've hardly ever seen fail at anything, could not get this needle to do what it was supposed to.

As he walked away, I told Cosette we'd just move on to the next experiment. "Can I try Mommy?" "Oh, Cosette, I don't think so. We couldn't get it, and it obviously just doesn't work. Maybe the book forgot to tell us something, I don't know." "Please, please, mom?" At this point, my patience was wearing thin, and I just wanted to get done. However, grabbing one last hold at my 'good home-school mommy' self, I handed her the tweezers. '' Here, Cosette, you can try, but don't be disappointed when it doesn't work"

Plop! She ever so gently placed that little needle on the top of the water, and-----it stayed!!! On the first try!! I simply stared in amazement, and she giggled with glee and happiness! ''Mommy! I can't believe you and Daddy couldn't do that!" either! I was so happy with her, I had to snap a picture---the one you see above! She then proceeded to drop that needle onto the water four or five different times.

So that, my friends, is the picture of success. A five year old did what both her Daddy and Mommy could not. And, she'll probably remember that experiment much more than if it had gone as originally planned :)


Chuck said...

much adulation to Cosette...
so i assume they don't get "snowdays"?

Anonymous said...

How strange is that. I wonder what could be the explanation.

Mom C.


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