Thursday, February 11, 2010

First belly photo of 'Toucan', as taken by her sister, and other random shots

At 24 weeks, me and my sweetie :) If it looks like I'm
staring into the distance, please remember that it's hard
to have your picture taken by a five year old--I really don't
look as bad as I seem to here ;)

A cup of ovaltine after playing in the snow

Here is Cosette working on her sewing skills. Her next project
is a 'real' blanket for the baby

And finally, my new source of pride! We redecorated
Cosette's room during this snow storm, and this is one
of the areas we tackled. We framed all of her Strawberry
Shortcake coloring pictures and made a pretty
arrangement of them on her wall. For someone as
unartistic as myself, I was pleased with the result :)


Elizabeth said...

You look really good, Jaime! Glad to see a picture of you :) I don't think I realized you were as far along as you are. Just thinking about how cute that little girl must be! :)

Cosette looks so grown-up and diligent sewing. Missing you in WV....have been busier than ever and really REALLY needing a good nights sleep...stay warm and safe in all this weather! See you sometime :)

Kelly said...

Jaime, you look beautiful! My kids also love Ovaltine and I have to admit, Holly has even indulged a little.


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