Thursday, February 25, 2010

A day in the life of...


  • Had a 99.7 degree fever and didn't feel like doing school. All my kids have been sharing around a fever that lasts around a day or so----nothing else, just a low-grade fever and being tired. I'm thinking maybe our flu shots are doing their job??
  • Got upset at Mommy because I wouldn't let her stand out beside the road with her 99.7 degree fever in 20 degree weather and four feet of snow in order to wave her homemade potholders around in hopes that a passing car would stop and want to buy one. ( By the way----she's selling her homemade potholders---anybody want one?!)
  • Enjoyed listening to "The Magicians Nephew' for an hour and a half on Book on CD.


  • Cleaned his room all by himself. Hallelujah!
  • Took so long to eat his dinner that he missed dessert. Bummer
  • Found a big blue bruise in the middle of his forehead, and doesn't know how he got it


  • Dropped a pair of nail clippers into the toilet. Dandy!
  • Now claps after almost every single bite of food he takes
  • Went through three, yes THREE different pairs of pants today.
  • Was found at one point running around the house with his diaper half on. Fortunately, it was a fairly new diaper :)
  • Will raise his hand for any question that starts with "Who wants to......"


  • Worked all day
  • Came home and had to UN-clog the toilet from the nail clippers that Noah flushed down earlier
  • Didn't say a word when he saw the rather weird looking cake that his wife made for dessert (Hey, it tasted good!)
  • Helped get three children to bed
  • Is now enjoying watching 'The Godfather' while his wife is not there to comment on what a boring movie it is.


  • taught first grade
  • scrubbed the kitchen floor
  • made three loaves of bread
  • did a load of laudry
  • exercised on the treadmill
  • took care of three children
  • fixed dinner
  • cleaned out the tupperware cupboard
  • washed,, four sinkloads of dirty dishes

And is now chilling out at my parents house waiting PATIENTLY for the figure skating to come on :)

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Love Instead. said...

I'll buy some homemade pot holders! I'll put them in my hope chest!


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