Thursday, January 28, 2010


It was 25 minutes into nap-time. I hear the pitter-patter of 'not-so-little-anymore' feet.

"Mama, I can't sleep!"

"Cosette, this is the third day in a row. You really need to try to go to sleep, honey."

"Mama, I think I'm getting too old for a nap!"

Now, at five years old, this may not seem like an impossible thing. But my Mama heart was telling me that she wasn't ready to give up nap time yet. When she doesn't sleep during the day, she's almost always grumpy and unreasonable by dinner time.

So, nap time came today, and I was still pondering what to do.

"Tell you what, Cosette. Here's what we'll do. You go back to Mama's bed and get all snuggly under the covers and do your best to go to sleep. Do not get up and tell me that you can't sleep. If you can't go to sleep, fine, just lay there and rest. After a half hour, mama will come back and check on you. If you are not sleeping yet, I will get your Little House CD, and you can listen to some of the story quietly for the rest of nap-time, okay?"

She agreed that this sounded like a fine plan. She laid down at 2:10.

At 2:40, I went back to check on her, and this is what I found:

Apparently, she is not too old for a nap quite yet!

Oh, and here is my littlest man having his nap. Doesn't he make you want to just squeeze him? Oh, and the basket with all the cloth kittens was not in his bed when I put him down! He has recently discovered that he can reach stuff off of Cosette's dresser from his crib, and I have yet to remedy that situation :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I really do miss them, I'll be glad to see them this weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Your children are precious asleep :) Not to say they aren't when they are awake!! I am picturing you going "aah, relief" during those 20-30 minutes :)

Chuck said...

of course the time of "outgrowing
naps" is approaching, but they can usually find something quiet to do, and if you give them 10 minutes of undivided attention they usually go off happily

Anonymous said...

Cosette looks just like you and Kristin when you 2 were that small and sleeping!! Precious as can be.
Did you see our bedroom lately?? I moved the pack and play to the other side of the room--my side of the bed-- so that Noah could not get items off your Mom's nightstand. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
And I also can't wait to see you guys on Sunday.
Luv ya, Dad


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