Monday, January 25, 2010


My mother and father-in-law became official 'empty nesters' a few weekends ago when their youngest son got married. They have six children, so it's been a while since there has been no off-spring living in their house. I wondered at first if their house would be quiet...if it would seem a lot different, especially for them.

But then, we went to visit last night (mostly so that Joel could watch the playoffs for the Super Bowl, since we don't have TV). When we got there with our three kids, Joel's sister was already there with her four kids. Just a little while later, Joel's other sister with her two girls came. Oh, and Joel's newly-married brother and his wife were also there. Sound like a houseful? Oh yeah!

There was the child who spilled grape-juice on the floor, the one who made a mess on the dining room floor, three of them sitting at the island at the same time, eating ice-cream, one of mine who can never remember to close the baby gate at the top of the stairs, and ALL of them running around, yelling, and having a good time.

Was my mother-in-law's house quiet and peaceful, so that she could enjoy her new 'empty nest' status? Um, No! It was anything but that! The poor woman, it's probably actually alot more chaotic these days than when her own six children were living at home!! And, I happen to know that her calendar is quite full this week just with watching grand-children. (I know this, because at least two of the days she is watching MY children while Joel and I go on a church elders retreat....) And I'm sure there will be other grand-children hanging out at her house on other days.

So, I (soon to be) four children, so far, are about the same distance apart as her first four were. Does this mean that some day, there will be NINE (or soon to be TWELVE) grand-children running around my house, eating my ice-cream, drinking my grape-juice, and making messes? Oh, thank God, for His blessings are MANY :)


Anonymous said...

This evening was the first chance I've had to read your post in the last 2 weeks! I want you to know how much it means to me--I laughed and cried all at the same time!!! Our family is so "Blessed" even with the rough 2009 we had to go thru. I love you and I'm so Proud of my Oldest daughter! Thanks for being a Wonderful daughter, Awesome Wife, and the most Perfect Mother of my precious grandchildren!!! And I was sitting right beside Eli and didn't hear his question to Kristin!!!LOL!!!!
And your "Cello" duet was beautiful at church yesterday!!

Jaime said...

Thanks Dad, I love you too :)

Anonymous said...

In spite of the noise and action we did manage to squeeze in a fun Scrabble game didn't we? I agree, each one is a blessing from God.

Mom C.


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