Monday, January 11, 2010

What's on my mind.....

  • I'm sorry for lack of pictures lately. I have been very stressed. This is unusual for me. I have a wonderful life and am usually pretty laid-back, but my stress levels lately have been sky-rocketing. Why? Several things---The main source has been my increased hearing loss over the past few months and Tinnitus issues, which the Doctor seems to feel have both been caused by my pregnancy. He was encouraging the other day that they might improve after the baby is born. He said that many women who have previous hearing issues often experience a temporary 'worsening' of them during pregnancy. Regardless, it's moved my hearing loss from 'moderate' to 'moderately severe', and it has me totally stressed, and with the tinnitus on top of all of that, I feel like my nerves are on edge all of the time. HOWEVER, I am going to pick up my new, totally incredible, state-of-the art, TWICE as powerful hearing aids tomorrow morning (which, by the way, are just as small and in-conspicuous as my current aids!!), and I'm so hopeful that they'll help my hearing, as well as maybe take the edge off of the tinnitus. Please be praying. Oh, and added on to my stress level was the disappointment of deciding 'no' on the new house last week, and also the fact that my pregnancy hormones are just sailing all over the place. When I'm pregnant, I tend to have really UP days, and then days that are...not so 'up'. All this added together has me feeling, well, 'down' :) Hopefully tomorrow will make a difference, as I hope to re-enter the world of the 'normal ears' ;)

  • I took the kids over to our local nursing home today to help out with some singing that our church was doing for the resident's monthly birthday party. As I was standing there during the party and my kids were helping to hand out cake, an older lady resident walked up to me and said "My dear, you have popped!" (Meaning, of course, my baby belly) ;)

  • Joel and I used a left-over gift certificate from Christmas for Apple-Bees tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed their Fiesta Lime chicken. GOOD stuff!! Have I ever mentioned on here that I absolutely LOVE my mother-in-law?? After a very full week-end for her (her youngest son got married!), she happily and graciously watched all three of my children for the entire evening just so that I could 'un-wind' over dinner with my husband. No, no, you can't have her, she's mine ;)

  • We had a 'heat wave' today--temperatures were actually in the teens!! Never-the-less, do they really have to display bikinis at WalMart already? I mean, seriously, who walks into WalMart with frozen fingers and toes and is thinking about buying a bikini??

  • Eli informed me the other day that when he grew up he was going to marry me. I told him I was already married to Daddy, so that wouldn't work. So he said he'd just marry Noah instead :)

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Chuck said...

cool comments from Eli
will be praying for your hearing and the new aids


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