Saturday, January 02, 2010

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

and inside, my children are anything but delightful! We've all had bad chest colds all week, so playing outside in the snow has been a no-no. And now that we're finally starting to feel better, we have wind-chills in the negatives! So, little kids, sick all week, stuck inside.......yeah, they're running around my house like little monsters :)

I didn't take a single picture over all of New Years. My cold had me under-the-weather, and I just didn't feel like it. Still, some high-lights verbally:

  • having Joel home alot over the course of several days-----we always love that
  • trying out my new vacuum cleaner----awesome new toy :)
  • buying new hearing-aids with TWICE the power of my old ones---oh yeah, bring on some conversations!! (Well, I don't have them yet, but I'm looking forward to using them when they get here, next week hopefully!)
  • spending time with both of our families---my family braved our colds and came up for Cosette's birthday on Tuesday evening, and we spent the evening of New Year's Day with Joel's family----we are very spoiled having all of our family so close by!
  • feeling the baby kick more and more! I'm about 19 weeks now, so hoping to have an ultrasound soon and find out what we're having

We're starting school up again on Monday, so I'm kind of looking forward to getting back into a routine around here :)

Some of the highlights of the New Year that I'm looking forward to:

  • Joel's brother is getting married next weekend! You gotta love a winter wedding!!
  • Finishing up the second half of first grade with Cosette! It's on to clock reading next week...
  • There are THREE children being born in Joel's parents family this spring---his brother Jesse and his wife are expecting in the beginning of February, his sister Lisa is expecting in mid-April, and we of course are due at the end of May. That will move the grand-kid head-count up to a dozen---all five and under:)

My only New Year's Resolution?

To know Christ more fully, living in His power day by day.

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Elizabeth said...

You've got one thing's COLD outside!!!!! Bring on the hot coco!! :)

(p.s. glad you're all feeling better and Happy New Years!! :)


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