Monday, January 18, 2010


I used to hate Monday mornings. I still kind of do. But I'm trying to get over that. Monday's are a chance for a 'fresh start'---new books to read, new ideas to try, new chances for areas where we screwed up last week, and, in my case, three children with lots of new things to learn! I was especially inspired this morning as I read Elise's post. My children all still take long afternoon naps, but when they're a little older, this is something I'd love to try. Go read her post!

Also on my mind is Cosette. This morning, she got dressed, cleaned her room, brushed her teeth, and combed her hair. "Cosette, Mommy is so proud of you! It's nice to see you taking initiative and doing these things without being asked!" She smiled and said ''Did you see me taking initiative last night and carrying things in from the van?" *smile* This mama's heart is glad.


Elizabeth said...

Simply the fact that a 5 year old can pronounce and properly use the word initiative is enough to impress me :)

Anonymous said...

She is growing up. I love to see her thinking about what her responses should be in various situations.
Mom C

Chuck said...

ditto what Elizabeth said
go Cosette, first female president


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