Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun in the anticipation

I admit it, the neon pink was getting old really quickly, even for me. I thought a softer purple might reflect our baby girl happiness just as well for a little while :)

On that same topic (which you're likely to hear alot of over the next couple of months), let me make a confession. I went baby clothes shopping today. I didn't necessarily intend to. Well, not really. I was just going to check out a good sale that a friend had told me about. But, that led me to thinking how Cosette and this baby are going to be different 'seasons'. In other words, Cosette was born in the winter, but this baby is going to be a summer baby. So, more than likely, their clothes may not 'line up' completely. I knew, for a fact, that Cosette had very few onesies when she was newborn---I mostly dressed her in warm fuzzy sleepers, sweaters, long sleeve shirts and pants, etc.

Anyway, I ended up at my favorite place to buy clothes--GoodWill! Yes, I am a die-hard GoodWill shopper. The same little Carter's dresses that I was pricing for $30-40 at a department store were priced for just a couple of dollars at GoodWill. Yeah, they're slightly 'used', but a good washing and drying will quickly remedy that, and I just spent two bucks for a Carter's baby dress that would have cost me at least 30 if I had bought it new. In my mind, you can't beat that!

Look at my good deals from today:

You might be looking at this picture thinking "Um Jaime, it's almost all pink or purple". Of course! What did you expect?? :)

Cosette was wondering what we would do if the baby surprises us and is a boy after all. I assured her that I'm sure we could find a cousin or friend somewhere who could use some pretty baby girl clothes if that happens :)

By the way, anybody want to take a guess at how much I paid for this whole lot of clothes?


Kristin said...


Elizabeth said...

I was going to guess $20

I read your dad's post from the other day--I keep forgetting that you play Cello too!! I love that instrument. You'll have to play for me sometime---if you want :)

p.s. I was just looking at the baby's new clothes and trying to picture a little baby girl in them---I'm so excited for you!!! :)


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