Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Girl thoughts...because that's what's on my mind:)

I know, sorry, I'm obsessed with this baby girl thing. But, I've been waiting for five years for another little girl, and I'm thrilled. Now that I know we're having a girl, (at least, we're as sure as we can be at this point) you know what is torture? Well, two things, actually.

The first, is realizing that I still have another four months to go, and that it's WAY too early to go dig out all the baby girl clothes from the tubs in the basement. They've been in storage for five years, and I was beginning to think that they might never come out again....However, that said, there aren't that many 'frilly' newborn things to get ready for this baby. You see, at my baby shower for Cosette, I didn't yet know that I was having a girl, so all of the wonderful people who 'showered' us with baby clothes made sure that they were 'neutral'---lots of whites, yellows, and light greens, which was fine. Cosette just looked fairly 'un-girly' for the first six weeks of her life :) I plan on having a good shopping trip before this baby is born and splurging on some new-born 'pink' stuff and lots of hair-bows and ribbons :) (Because, if this baby looks anything like Cosette did, she'll need lots of hair-bows to hide the fact that she doesn't have any hair ;) I'm really looking forward to doing the whole baby dress, baby tights, 'look at my precious baby girl thing' all over again :)

The second thing that is torturing me is keeping the name secret. We have picked out a really cool girls name (well, I think it's really cool :), and I SO want to tell you what it is. But nope, I am keeping my lips sealed :) Before Noah was born, we referred to him as 'Hooper-humperdink', just to tease the kids and keep us from accidentally saying his real name. Cosette thinks our 'code' name for this baby should be toucan. TOUCAN??

Joel and I have yet to come up with a 'just in case' boys name. I don't want to get to the delivery room and be surprised with a precious baby boy, look at him and think "Now, what IS your name??" I plan on being prepared, just in case :)

There will be almost the same distance between Cosette and this baby girl as there is between my sister and me, minus a year. Isn't that cool?


Kristin said...

I have had so much fun watching Cosette these past few months. Its fun to hear the sort of things you might have said when you were anticipating your baby sister.....ME! :-)

Anonymous said...

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