Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An answer

Have you ever heard of this?Me either. At least, I couldn't put a name to it. But, I have experienced it several times now, and it is terrifying.

The first time it happened, I thought Noah was throwing a temper tantrum. The second time, I thought he was choking on something, and the third time I was just down-right terrified. It's happened several times, and I had no idea what to call it or what exactly was happening.

What 'it' is, is this-Something will upset Noah---either he hurts himself, or he is disciplined for something---and he starts to cry. Really. Hard. And then, it's like he can't take a breath. His mouth is wide open, but nothing is happening, no sound, no breathing, nothing. His lack of oxygen causes his lips to turn blue and purple, and he loses control of his head and neck because there's no air-flow. If he was standing up when it happened, he gets all 'dizzy', almost looking like he's drunk, and topples over. You can try the whole 'blow in the babies face' idea, and nothing happens. Sound scary? Um, yep. The whole episode might last a grand total of 30 seconds, but that's long enough to scare a Mama out of her wits, so to speak. Over time, I was realizing what was happening, but I still had no answer as to what exactly 'it' was.

But then, Elise, bless her heart, did a new post, and it had a link on it that answered all of my questions. Apparently what happens to Noah is called BHS (breath-holding spells), or Expiratory Apnea. It is an involuntary, reflexive occurrence that the child can not control. It is a common occurrence in small children (although I had never seen it!), and they usually out-grow it by the time they are three or so. In the meantime, it's not harmful, and has no permanent negative 'side effects'. All you can do is lay your child on their back when it happens, remain calm, comfort the child, and wait for it to pass. We are fortunate in that it only happens maybe every other week or so to Noah, although some children experience this every day!

Elise did her new post today having no idea that it would be so helpful to me. Just another proof to me that God is working 'behind the scenes' even when we don't think about it!

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Anonymous said...

The youngest of my brothers use to do this as a little guy too. Made my parents crazy and everyone was afraid to babysit. Back then (he's 51) no one knew what it was.



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