Saturday, December 05, 2009

To prepare

So, we're traveling down tomorrow to the funeral and we'll be staying over-night. The boys are not going with us, since we felt like the drive and the viewing/funeral would all be just a little too much for them. Cosette, however, is going with us. As sad as she is about everything, she's also a little excited to be staying in a hotel room. Here are a few strange items that are packed in our bags that those of you without a family or small children might have never thought of:

  • Maalox, Tums, Tylenol and Cough Drops---For my nasty pregnancy heart-burn, Joel's head-cold, and just in case all of the flowers in the funeral home give me a head-ache, which they have the past five times one of our grandparents has passed away. I'm learning!

  • A big box of wipes---I find that even an almost five year old has need of these all the time--sticky hands, spilled her drink, whatever.

  • A big water jug----because we can't be stopping for water every time this pregnant mama or our five year old decide they are thirsty

  • Coloring books, crayons, library books, baby dolls, pen and paper, and little hand-size animals---because a 2 1/2 hour car ride can seem like an eternity when you're four!

  • My tempurpedic pillow---because I'm so spoiled with this thing that I can't imagine trying to sleep on anything else now!

  • My favorite fuzzy green blanket---because you get to hotel rooms and pull up the 'comforter' and think "What, THIS thing is supposed to keep me warm all night?"

  • My hair straightener---because there are times when you just don't want your hair to look like a big mushroom---this is one of them!

  • A bag full of crackers, apples, oranges, bananas, brownies---because I'm sure that Cosette and I will need some some snacks!

  • Joel's cell-phone and charger---mostly because I will definitely need to call and check on my two little guys before bed tomorrow night!

So add into all of that mess that I had to pack the boys stuff to go with my mom and dad to church and then to their house, plus all of the 'normal' stuff for Cosette and I like clothes and dress clothes, tooth-brushes and shampoo and dress shoes and deoderant and little girls hair clips and bows, and.....well, I'm sure I forget something! And this is just a short 48 hour trip :) I can't wait until some certain little people are big enough to pack their own things :) Thank God that Joel can pack his own huge list of stuff--suit coat, tie, razor, toothbrush, deoderant. Men are so lucky :)

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Elizabeth said...

wow---you and I should vacation together some time...we would need a u-haul :) Want to know what's funny? I also pack my own pillow and blanket when I travel, snacks (of course!), and I even bring a 'traveling' stuffed animal :) Haha!! Bet you weren't expecting that one! :) I lost my monkey mulligan on our family trip to Virginia Beach when my grandma died. We stayed in a motel. I found him a year later rolled up in a sleeping bag in the basement. I was ECSTATIC!!!

On another note, PLEASE PLEASE tell Joel I said be careful (not that he doesn't already know that) but I've been thinking about you guys with the roads and snow we got today. I'll be praying for you tomorrow for safe travels. Take care


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