Sunday, December 13, 2009

Six Years

Six years ago today, the Saturday morning dawned cold and crisp
You think I would have been worried about a potential snow-storm
After all, it was my wedding day!
But no, the possibility of snow didn't bother me
The fear of tripping down the aisle didn't cross my mind
Worry over the cake getting there in time
Or my hair-dresser showing up was not a consideration
All I could think about was that, one way or the other,
snow-storm or no snow-storm,
I was marrying Joel Curtis tonight at 5:00,
And I had never been happier

We got through the wedding, ( I didn't trip!)
And we walked down the aisle hand in hand
It was the first time our hands had ever touched
And as we stood in the back waiting for our guests to be dismissed,
I found myself wrapped in my new husband's arms,
And suddenly, the world had never felt so 'right'
I felt a peace about this marriage that only God can give.

We went on to enjoy what will be
one of the happiest weeks in my memory forever.
What my heart had been wanting for months--
to spend every waking minute with Joel,
Was finally here, and my head was almost giddy with excitement!
I remember the feeling of his arm around me as we walked down the DC streets
I remember his eyes looking into mine as we sat
at the fancy restaurant eating our meal
I remember the thrill as he checked us into the motel as 'Mr. and Mrs Curtis',
And introduced me proudly to people as 'his wife, Jaime'--
not just his 'good friend' anymore,
or even his 'girl-friend', or his 'fiance'. No, I was his wife.

Six years have passed. This same feeling of awe has met me
Each time we have welcomed one of our little ones into the world.
I look into their little eyes, their sweet faces,
And I'm reminded that they are a beautiful, physical reminder
Of the love that Joel and I share. And now, we wait for yet another
At the end of Spring---another gift from a wonderful Heavenly Father,
Who has blessed our marriage beyond measure.

Joel, you have made me happier over the past six years
Than even I ever thought was possible
You have proven yourself to be every bit the man,
husband and father that I always knew you would be.
May I always strive to be the kind of wife that you deserve!
I love you more than words can say, Joel,
Happy Anniversary!!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary Jaime and Joel! I will also always remember that day as one of the happiest moments I've ever witnessed!!! Congratulations on 6 years of marriage and 4 beautiful kids :)

Love Instead. said...

Well this almost made me cry! Happy Anniversary. =]

Jodi said...

Happy anniversary! What a beautifully written story. :)

Chuck said...

truly a great tribute
happy anniversary

Jenny said...

That was beautiful

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaawwww... shucks... love ya' love!

- Joel


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