Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Made my day...

So I was out the other day at the store buying milk. It seems I am always out at the store buying milk. With three kiddos under five, we go through a lot of milk. Add in that Joel and I also drink our fair share, and I'm guess-timating that we probably consume anywhere from four to seven gallons a week. Good grief. Do you all with large families buy that much milk?? Fortunately, there is a little store right down the road from my house, so I don't have to go far when I look in the fridge and realize that we're almost out again!

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is not the large quantity of milk we consume. No, it's to brag on a certain man that I adore. You see, when I got home from my little milk-buying excursion the other day, there was a message blinking on my machine. I started running through my mind any number of possible people that it might be. I pushed the play button, and heard my husband's voice. His message was basically just along the lines of letting me know he was thinking about me, and everything I do to keep our family and house-hold 'running', and that he appreciates those things and loves me.

This made my day! No, more than my day, because it's been two days so far, and I'm still thinking about that sweet little message. Guys, do you want to make your wive's smile a little bigger, walk a little lighter, and mood a little more cheerful? Give her a surprise call and tell her how much you love her. You'll be amazed at the results :)


Elizabeth said...

That's awesome!

I think I'm going to buy you a cow for Christmas :) He would also make for a nice pet in the back yard, don't you think? Although, I can imagine the cow patties wouldn't be so ideal :)

Anonymous said...

My Dad would go to a local farm and get a 5 gallon milk can filled, every Saturday evening. He'd bring it home where Mom would jar it into half gallon glass jars that always filled the top shelf of the frigidaire. We'd love that fresh Jersey cream that rose to to the top and were each required to drink one glass of milk with each meal. : ) Good memories.
: )


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