Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Week, 2009

Taking lots of time this week to enjoy my little ones at Christmas. We're going to be opening the last of our Advent Treats from our Advent calendar (tootsie rolls, stickers, etc), baking lots of cookies, making our Christmas gifts, (yes, I totally avoided the madness this year and went completely homemade, except for what the kids are getting-we'll share our gift ideas AFTER Christmas when all our family have opened them :), and enjoying lots of time with our extended family. I want to savor each moment while my children are 1, 3, and 4. Why? Because next year, they'll be 2, 4, and almost 6! And, there will be four of them next year !

Plus, take a quick look back in time and see how quickly they grow!-----

Cosette, two years old

Eli, around a year. (I know, I could have
told you this was Noah and you would have
believed me, right? Trust me, it's Eli :) )

And finally, Noah, around six weeks.

Time flies---I don't intend to waste it :)
Have a very Blessed Christmas Week, everybody!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, that's amazing how fast they've grown!!! They are still precious :) Can't wait to see what #4 is going to look like !!! :) Merry Christmas Jaime, Joel, Cosette, Eli, Noah and baby :)

Anonymous said...

They are so cute in these pictures and they just keep getting more "Beautiful" and "Handsome" all the time!! You are correct--every moment is precious--you all enjoy the Christmas wk!!
Love ya,


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