Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Happenings

Today would have been my Grandma's 68th birthday. I miss her, alot. And I missed telling her Happy Birthday today. Christmas was always her favorite time of the year. It is a little harder to celebrate this year, missing my Grandma and now Joel's 'Nonnie'. But, there are still SSOOOO many things that we have to be thankful for!! Of course, the biggest one that comes to mind is our children, whom are our delight and joy this Christmas. Take a look at some of the fun they've been having so far:

We started off our festivities Friday night with our church's Christmas play. Cosette had a couple of verses to quote, and Eli got to help sing some songs :) Their part was only a few minutes long, but I thought they were pretty cute anyway!

Doesn't he look sooo into the song motions here?

Then today, we had our annual cookie baking day with Joel's family. This included Joel's mom, her sister's (those who live near-by), Joel's sisters, and me :)

Here are some of the cousins decorating their Gingerbread cookies.

Tell me, have you ever seen cookies?? ;)

And here is a sample of all of the hard work from the adults. Now, tell me the truth here, have you EVER seen a more delicious looking cookie platter?? I think not ;)


Chuck said...

kids are always cute

Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures :) Both Cosette and Eli are adorable in their church clothes, and yes, look VERY into their parts :) I loooove the ginger break cookies...I'm guessing the very pink one is Cosettes :) mmmm cookies!

p.s. I have to make you a loaf of papatiza!!! It's one of our family Christmas traditions......soooo good and hard to only eat one slice!!! Love you and merry Christmas!!!! :)


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