Monday, November 23, 2009


Sometimes, and in so many ways, Cosette can be so mature. She's like talking to a ten-year old sometimes.

---"Sure Mom, I'll make my bed and clean my room"

---"I know the answer--9 plus 9 is 18!"

--- "Yes Mom, I can quote all five of our new memory verses"

---"I'll pray for you Mom, so your head will feel better"

---"Here mom, Let me rub your back for you"

See what I mean? From her sentence structure to her vocabulary to her level-headness (is that a word??), she really is mature. Most of the time.

Then, there are days like today.

--- "I WON'T eat this yucky soup! It's terrible and I hate it!"

---"I don't like this movie! Who picked this movie? I'm NOT watching it" BIG frown and crossing of arms.

---"I don't want to go to my rooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm'' (That last word was a huge bursting into tears.)

Oh, and forget all 'pleases, thank-you's, and Yes moms'. Somehow, they were completely erased from her vocabulary today. Add in some stomping of the feet, some good old stubbornness, and some major tear flows, and you pretty much have her day.

So yeah, my Cosette girl is very mature, but she is still ONLY four. God, give me more grace....

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Chuck said...

we have one of those (a four year old girl) and they are a horse of a different color. sometimes when i tell patience what is going to happen if she keeps doing the "bad" thing that she is doing, she breaks down as if she has already been punished..
It's funny how with each kid you can throw out the "What I learned as a parent thus far" book.
it won't apply to the next kid down


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