Monday, November 16, 2009

My poor husband..

  • ....If it's 66 degrees in the house, I'm shivering and wiping my runny nose. "Joel, it's freezing in here!" If it's 71 degrees in the house, I'm roasting, opening windows, turning on fans, and telling him how the heat gives me a head-ache. If it's 68-70 degrees in the house, it's just about perfect . I don't know why he can't keep this straight ;)

  • .....I gave him, as side-dishes in his lunch the other day, a kiwi cut in two to scoop out, and yogurt. And what utensil did I send with him? A fork, of course!

  • .....Poor guy, his wife can't even get her 'catch phrases' correct! I know it's very embarrassing to him! I jokingly told Eli the other day to stop trying to 'smooch food' off of my plate. Joel groaned and said "The word is 'mooch' Jaime, not 'smooch!' Smooching is what you do when you kiss someone." Me: "Oh yeah! I knew that, it just came out of my mouth wrong....."

  • He surprises his wife by bringing home one of her favorite kinds of ice-cream, and she gripes at him because he was only supposed to pick up this one other thing, and there was no grocery money budgeted for extra ice-cream. Then, when she realizes later that he did it for her, and he also has the extra money to cover it, she feels like a rat.....

  • He has to listen from the kitchen while his wife tells their daughter that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Paris. (Audible Groan from the kitchen) "Um, love, that's the Eiffel Tower in Paris!" *Sigh*! (I really DID know that, by the way, I'm not stupid, it's just my brain is not working properly lately.....)

All this to say that I really do love my man, and he puts up with a lot from me, although most of it is un-intentional on my part! (Although I suppose I could work a little harder on tolerating a house that is 67 degrees, and perhaps my brain cells will return after the baby is born......) Thanks Love!


Love Instead. said...

Well we are more related than I thought! Haha. Sounds like we could even be sisters. And the bad thing is that I don't have all kinds of pregnancy hormones to make my brain not work, it does that on it's own!

Anonymous said...

Well... You're too nice to me love. :)

You forgot to mention that I first said, "I think the leaning tower of Pisa is in Genoa" before correcting myself and saying, "No, I guess it's in Pisa isn't it?!" LOL

And we're homeschooling our children! O dear.

Well, I'll get it right sometimes, you'll get it right sometimes, we'll keep a dictionary handy and one finger always on the Google Search button... between the two of us usually SOMEONE'S right. I guess there's hope for our kids. :)

Love ya' love! See ya' soon!

- Joel

Elizabeth said...

haha...speaking of the leaning tower of Pisa, I ALMOST saw it when in Europe....we were close enough but it was several hours on a train from where we were and everyone agreed (well most of us, anyways)..."you know, yeah, it's famous but seriously, it's an old leaning tower that's structurally unsound...whoopdidoo!!! haha :)

I'd loan you some of my brain cells but I just fried them all on my 4th book more to go...after break!!! Now it's 2:30am and I have to type my lesson plan...argh!!!!!

Appletree said...

Hehehe, you sure made my day, I know why I love your blog. Seems like you are VERY pregnant those days! ;-)

At least your husband has no dull moments with you around. I would have loved to see him eating the kiwi with a fork.


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