Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life with boys

I'm sure some of you will find be strange for posting some of these stories, but hey, this is life with kids (especially boys), and I'm sure you need a good laugh anyway ;)

  • So, I've always said that it's hard as parents of three little kids to really 'relax' while the kids are up. This may sound a bit far out to some of you, but I have a very recent story to prove my point. Joel and I were sitting at the table tonight after dinner while Noah finished his food. The big kids were running around playing, and we were just enjoying a few moments of quiet and peace at the table, a very rare occurance. Big no-no. Because just a few minutes later, Eli comes running out from the hall-way, face and hair dripping water. "Guess what Daddy! I put my head in the potty water and it was really fun!" Oh brother. See my point? Five minutes at the table, and my son has his entire head in the toilet. (Don't worry, he was placed directly into a tub of hot, soapy water and scrubbed down hard. But, if he comes up with hipocapedus anytime in the near future, I guess we'll all know why!")

  • Joel had a small leaf pile smoldering in the back yard today for some yard clean-up. He came up to the house eventually, laughing. 'Well, at least Eli had a 'good' reason for why he was poking at the fire with a long stick. He said "Daddy, I'm poking the fire with a long stick so I can get fire on the end of the stick and hit the neighbors cat with it!" Well, if that's not a good excuse, I don't know what is..... ;)

  • And finally, a story from my Noah-boy. He has had yet to say any understandable words. Not even 'Mama' or 'Dada' has ever left his lips. It's all 'ungh, ungh', and so forth. However, tonight, my sister walked in the front door, and Noah looked at her in delight, pointed his little finger and said "Kristin!", as plain as day! A whole room full of adults heard it. Go figure :)


Appletree said...

Hehehe, love the first one :-)... and I bet that Kristin was totally delighted with Noah!

Kelly said...

I had such a laugh reading this. Boys are something, aren't they? I love how sweet and cuddly they are but they sure keep everyone on their toes in a way that little girls would never imagine.
I really do love reading your Eli posts.
Also wanted to mention that I love the picture of Eli and Noah in your previous post. I can't get over how much Noah looks like a little boy rather than a baby. Your children are beautiful inside and out!

Elizabeth said...

You're stories are great, Jaime :) Next on the list....bring the boys for a camp-fire at my parents next summer....of course we'll make sure the cat stays inside :)


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