Saturday, November 07, 2009

Good Motivation

So far in this pregnancy, everything is going great. Baby is healthy and strong, I'm starting to get over my 'always wanting to sleep' first trimester stuff, and the maternity clothes are starting to come out of hiding....However, that dreaded '12 week' mark is coming up next Monday, and I'm trying not to think about it. It was at exactly 12 weeks last time with Noah that I was rushed to the emergency room and put on bed-rest. It is twelve weeks when the placenta finishes forming and attaching. I'm trusting God to get us through this time without that happening. Still, I can't help in the back of my mind thinking about what it was like last time...

I was not expecting that at all---I'd had two previous, completely normal, no-issue pregnancies. I had no reason to believe that this one would be any different. So, I was not at all 'prepared' that morning of Dec. 31st in the hospital room when the doctor informed me that I was on 'indefinite bed-rest'. I remember coming home to a messy house, no meals ready in the freezer, closets all un-organized, my rec-room was, well, a wreck! My husband, family and friends were soooo amazing. I had people fixing food, staying here all day, and taking care of my kids. I remember watching my wonderful mother-in-law scrub my bathroom each week, and feeling so bad. I remember the day my best friend came over, and I sent her downstairs to clean the rec-room. "Just do your best to find the floor', I informed her. I remember wishing the whole time that I had 'seen this coming'.

So, I guess you can say this time that I'm 'preparing for the worse', but praying for the best. I hemmed my living room curtains this week. I pulled up my garden and got it 'winter-ized'. I cleaned out my freezer and have everything in neat little baskets, nicely labeled as 'bread', 'meat', etc. I cleaned out my linen closet and have all the towels and sheets folded nicely and in perfect order. I sorted through the kids toys and took a bunch to GoodWill, leaving only toys that make sense and are easy for them to clean up on their own. I sorted through my recipes and organized that cupboard. All of my cleaners are in good, working order now, with plenty of wrags and cloths to get the job done. My pantry shelves are stocked, I have meal-plans ready to go.

Wow, considering that it's highly UN-LIKELY that anything will happen this time.........I'm in good shape for once in the past six years :) I hope that I am the one who gets to benefit from all of my mad organizing ;)


Anonymous said...
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Appletree said...

I am sure praying that you will be the one benefiting from this!!!

Isn't it strange how much we keep in our hearts the shock and hurt about those unexpected things in live, rather than the love and help we get then?

I can hardly accept any help without a bad conscience and sometimes I think this is a pity in our society, don't you?

Have a blessed week!

Chuck said...

which goodwill??
we're going Christmas shopping!!

Elizabeth said...

I'll be praying for you these next two weeks that everything goes as expected with no surprises. And, I hope too that you're able to relax a little with everything 'in order' now!! :)


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