Monday, November 09, 2009

Conversations worth recording

Eli: Mommy, are boys sweethearts?
Me: What?
Eli: Cosette says I can't be a sweetheart 'cuz I'm a boy!
Me: Well, you're MY sweetheart, aren't you? And Daddy is also my sweetheart. You are BOTH boys :)
Eli: See, Cosette? We're Mommy's sweet-hearts!
Cosette: Really, Mommy???


This happened just after dinner, as we were getting a plate of cookies to the table for dessert. Cosette had already left the table to go read a book, but Noah was still in his seat.

Noah: (Pointing quite determined) "Ungh, Ungh, UNGH!"
Me: Um, Mommy doesn't know what you want, Noah? Are you wanting your cookie now?
Noah: (Looking frustrated) Ungh, Ungh, Ungh! (More pointing, this time in the direction of Cosette's usual seat at the table)
Me: Um, Do you want more to drink?
Noah: (Really frustrated this time at his Mommy's in-ability to understand him) "UNGH, Ungh, Ungh!! (More pointing toward Cosette's seat, and this time, looking all around the room for her.
Me: Oh, do you want Cosette to come back and sit in her seat and have a cookie?
Noah: A look of delight crossed his face, he smiled a HUGE smile, and clapped his hands together.
Me: Ah, Do you Love Cosette, Noah?
Noah: Finally spots Cosette behind him in the living room, and flashes her a smile sweet enough to melt your heart.
Cosette came back to eat her cookie, and at last Noah was finally happy :)


Me: Eli, Mommy's stomach is rather upset---would you go get me a soda from the pantry shelf? (Since I was a little girl, a coke is my 'go-to' for an upset stomach---it's probably all in my head.)
Eli: Sure Mom!
He came back a few minutes later, carrying a can of mandarin oranges. LOL!!
Me: Um, I don't think that'll do the trick, Bud....
Eli: (looking terribly downcast and re-jected)
Me: But thanks for your hard work and effort!
Eli: Flashes me a big grin :)

A telephone conversation with Daddy at lunch-time:

Cosette: Hi Daddy! Yeah, well, I tried to draw a picture of a Parrot, and I couldn't do it right, and I got mad at Mommy 'cuz she couldn't help me, and I had to go to my room, and...well....that's pretty much been my terrible day so far.

A child's point of view:

Cosette: MMmmm, Mommy, these special yogurts you got at the store are SO delicious!

The same food from an adult's perspective:

Joel: Hey Jaime, that yogurt in my lunch today was, um, well.....interesting :)

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Elizabeth said...

These are great! :) I couldn't pick a favorite...although I have to admit I had a little ounce of pity for Cosette's "terrible day" haha :) :) favorite would probably have to be Noah wanting Cosette---it's so sweet when younger siblings love and look up to their older siblings :) You can only hope and pray it lasts into adulthood! :)


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