Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Circle of Life

I was sorting through my freezer the other day, and found a loaf of pumpkin bread. Big deal, right? Well, it was the pumpkin bread that my Grandma gave us as a gift last December. Every year around this time, she would go on a mad hunt for Black Walnuts, and if she found them, she would make up a big batch of pumpkin bread and give it to lots of people as gifts. Well, we had frozen ours and never gotten around to eating it. And there it was on my shelf. It was marked 'December, 2008', in her handwriting. And now, I don't know what to do with it. I know it's silly, but---should I eat it? I don't think I could. To taste her baking, now that she's gone, would probably leave me in tears. To throw it out would seem just wrong, somehow. I couldn't do that either. So, should I just leave it in my freezer indefinitely?? I have a real dilemma here!

And, thinking of the pumpkin bread made me think of other ways that Grandma's 'legacy' still lives on, even though she is gone. Take Cosette's recent art-work, for example:

Leo the Lion

She seems to have a real gift for drawing and coloring, especially for a four year old. She certainy didn't get that from me! No, she got it from her Great Grandma! And I know that Grandma would be sooooo proud right now to see Cosette's art-work, and her super-neat hand-writing skills, which are also just like Grandma's. It's amazing to me how different characteristics and personalities are passed on so visibly from one generation to the next!

I miss my Grandma terribly. But, I will find ways to make sure that my children never forget her. Maybe we'll bake up our own batch of pumpkin bread with specialty black walnuts :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe, give it to pap? It may be of comfort for him to have some of grandma's baking.
Kristin was remembering that this time last year, Grandma took her shopping and they played Christmas music in the jeep all day.
I am so thankful for all my children and grandbabies who are such a comfort to me.

Chuck said...

1/2 to pap
and 1/2 for you guys
and let the healing tears flow

Anonymous said...

I think Rosina would be pleased if someone would enjoy it. And I agree with Chuck. It is good to cry when those waves hit you.
Mom C.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with the comments, above. It's hard when you re-live those feelings of loss and hurt but, if you hide those, you also push down all of the wonderful memories. Seems to me your grandma would want you to enjoy that pumpkin bread :) Maybe you can warm some up, serve some to you and your kids and husband, also give some to your grandpa, and take some pictures of that 'moment'...just a thought.

Praying for you!!!


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