Sunday, November 29, 2009

Table for 'one', please

My little guy, enjoying his Sunday Evening snack at a Noah-size table.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

Yep, we decided to cancel all school-work yesterday and make an 'official' holiday of 'Thanksgiving Eve'. We loved it! Here are some shots from our fun day, plus a video clip :)

Cosette and....WHO could it be?

Working on our Thanksgiving rings, which we
will hang on our Christmas Tree when we
get it. Each ring has a different thing on it
that the kids are thankful for.

We had carrot cake for breakfast--yum!

Imagine waking up to this sweet little guy :)

And finally, Eli practicing his classes song for
the Christmas Program at church :) I tried to
catch him 'unaware' while he was singing,
but he knew I was video-ing, so he put on
his 'best' performance :)

My Thanksgiving Blessings

All three of them :) Aren't they beautiful? This is the best
'group picture' I could get with everybody at least part-way
smiling. Next year there will be four beautiful
children in this photo :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving :)

Okay, so, seeing as it IS almost Thanksgiving, I thought I better stop complaining about all the messes I've had to clean up lately and instead tell you about the things (or rather, people) that I am most Thankful for. But, I thought it might be more effective to SHOW you, so I'm hoping to post a bunch of pictures later today.....stay tuned :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"I could scream!"

Ever heard that song on a Broadway musical? I can't remember for sure right now which musical it is----I'm thinking maybe 'Les Mis', but I could be wrong. No, now I'm thinking it's Oliver Twist. Anyway, I can't remember any other words to the song right now except "I could scream'----because that's how I feel!"
Now, to my own credit, I am happy to admit that I managed to avoid any and all screaming. However, there WAS quite a bit of stern talking on my part!! And I mean, really stern! Here's what happened:

Remember the baby powder mess from a few days ago? Well, yesterday, my vacuum cleaner was still out of commission from that mess ( meaning I hadn't had a chance to scrub it yet), when Eli managed to dump an entire bucket of flour all over my pantry floor and rug. Fortunately for him this time, it was mostly an accident, but it left a huge mess for me that I couldn't clean up because my vacuum was not able to be turned on. So, the flour sat there for a good half a day, and Joel cleaned it up with his shop-vac when he came home. It really wasn't that huge of a deal. Until today.

Noah came running to me, covered in......what is it?........vomit? Sorry, but that's what it originally looked like. I called Cosette and asked her. "Um, Mom, that's dough." "WHAT dough??" Apparently, she had taken some of the flour from the day before, mixed it with water in a bucket, and made a sticky, ooey, gooey, doughey-paste like mixture from it. She had put it in a bunch of her toy dishes and was downstairs making pretend food. (How DO my children manage to do these things without me knowing?)

Anyway, Noah had found it, and now, not only was it all over him, but it was also all over the end table, all over the rug, all over the blue rocking chair, and AAAALLLLLL over the rec-room carpet. *sigh* Okay, *BIG SIGH*

We scrubbed and scrubbed and rubbed that stuff up as best we could. Unfortunately, it still needs a vacuum run over it to pick up all the little crumbly dried up dough pieces and----you guessed it. My vacuum is still drying from having the powder mess scrubbed out of it.

WHEN will it end folks? I LOVE being a mommy, I do my best to keep up with the 'necessary' house-hold chores like cooking and dishes and general cleaning. But all of these 'extra, un-necessary' messes are really starting to get to me! It's starting to feel like Mommy has nothing better to do than clean up the latest catastrophe! Ugh, God help me, because....


Monday, November 23, 2009


Sometimes, and in so many ways, Cosette can be so mature. She's like talking to a ten-year old sometimes.

---"Sure Mom, I'll make my bed and clean my room"

---"I know the answer--9 plus 9 is 18!"

--- "Yes Mom, I can quote all five of our new memory verses"

---"I'll pray for you Mom, so your head will feel better"

---"Here mom, Let me rub your back for you"

See what I mean? From her sentence structure to her vocabulary to her level-headness (is that a word??), she really is mature. Most of the time.

Then, there are days like today.

--- "I WON'T eat this yucky soup! It's terrible and I hate it!"

---"I don't like this movie! Who picked this movie? I'm NOT watching it" BIG frown and crossing of arms.

---"I don't want to go to my rooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm'' (That last word was a huge bursting into tears.)

Oh, and forget all 'pleases, thank-you's, and Yes moms'. Somehow, they were completely erased from her vocabulary today. Add in some stomping of the feet, some good old stubbornness, and some major tear flows, and you pretty much have her day.

So yeah, my Cosette girl is very mature, but she is still ONLY four. God, give me more grace....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Funny boy

What?? Haven't YOU ever felt like just pinning clothes-pins to your hair and nose and cheeks? ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guess who!

Can anybody guess who is the guilty one responsible for this mess? Ahhhhh.....I heard several 'Eli's!' Bingo. This has happened before on a much, much smaller scale, and I thought he had learned his lesson. Apparently not. The whole room was covered in baby powder---from the floor to the furniture, to the legos ON the floor, to...well, everything! It was actually just laying in mounds in a few different places. You could hardly breathe when you walked in, that's how much baby powder was just 'floating around' in the air! I actually had to scoop up legos, put them in a kitchen collinder, and rinse them out in the bath-tub. That's alot of legos, folks! Let's just say his Mama was none too happy after having to scrub down his entire room. I really do love my Eli-guy just the way he is, I wouldn't change him for the world----but where in the world does he come up with such crazy ideas??!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, how I wish I'd taken a picture!

But I didn't. So I'll have to describe it to you instead.

This morning when Cosette got up, I helped her to pick out seasonally appropriate, matching clothes---nice blue sweat-pants, white socks, and a matching shirt. Good outfit for being around the house, yet decent enough if someone happened to stop by.

However, after lunch, I remembered that I was supposed to run to the bank this afternoon, and we were also almost out of milk. So, I decided to make a quick errand run before the kids nap-time. Cosette had been playing in her room, and I called her and Eli to come to the living room. As my little girl ran out, this is what I saw:

She was now wearing a yellow and orange summer sun-dress, black tights, bright pink shoes, a fall purple jacket over her dress, a pink Easter hat, and white dress-up gloves. There could have been more, but that's all I can remember at the moment.

I almost cried out in shock and to ask her to go change clothes, but I caught myself just in time. She was obviously warm enough with all of those layers on, and she was 100 percent convinced that she looked 'beautiful'. So, I let her wear that outfit on our errands. You almost had to shield your eyes to look at her, but her happiness made it worth it :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

My poor husband..

  • ....If it's 66 degrees in the house, I'm shivering and wiping my runny nose. "Joel, it's freezing in here!" If it's 71 degrees in the house, I'm roasting, opening windows, turning on fans, and telling him how the heat gives me a head-ache. If it's 68-70 degrees in the house, it's just about perfect . I don't know why he can't keep this straight ;)

  • .....I gave him, as side-dishes in his lunch the other day, a kiwi cut in two to scoop out, and yogurt. And what utensil did I send with him? A fork, of course!

  • .....Poor guy, his wife can't even get her 'catch phrases' correct! I know it's very embarrassing to him! I jokingly told Eli the other day to stop trying to 'smooch food' off of my plate. Joel groaned and said "The word is 'mooch' Jaime, not 'smooch!' Smooching is what you do when you kiss someone." Me: "Oh yeah! I knew that, it just came out of my mouth wrong....."

  • He surprises his wife by bringing home one of her favorite kinds of ice-cream, and she gripes at him because he was only supposed to pick up this one other thing, and there was no grocery money budgeted for extra ice-cream. Then, when she realizes later that he did it for her, and he also has the extra money to cover it, she feels like a rat.....

  • He has to listen from the kitchen while his wife tells their daughter that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Paris. (Audible Groan from the kitchen) "Um, love, that's the Eiffel Tower in Paris!" *Sigh*! (I really DID know that, by the way, I'm not stupid, it's just my brain is not working properly lately.....)

All this to say that I really do love my man, and he puts up with a lot from me, although most of it is un-intentional on my part! (Although I suppose I could work a little harder on tolerating a house that is 67 degrees, and perhaps my brain cells will return after the baby is born......) Thanks Love!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life with boys

I'm sure some of you will find be strange for posting some of these stories, but hey, this is life with kids (especially boys), and I'm sure you need a good laugh anyway ;)

  • So, I've always said that it's hard as parents of three little kids to really 'relax' while the kids are up. This may sound a bit far out to some of you, but I have a very recent story to prove my point. Joel and I were sitting at the table tonight after dinner while Noah finished his food. The big kids were running around playing, and we were just enjoying a few moments of quiet and peace at the table, a very rare occurance. Big no-no. Because just a few minutes later, Eli comes running out from the hall-way, face and hair dripping water. "Guess what Daddy! I put my head in the potty water and it was really fun!" Oh brother. See my point? Five minutes at the table, and my son has his entire head in the toilet. (Don't worry, he was placed directly into a tub of hot, soapy water and scrubbed down hard. But, if he comes up with hipocapedus anytime in the near future, I guess we'll all know why!")

  • Joel had a small leaf pile smoldering in the back yard today for some yard clean-up. He came up to the house eventually, laughing. 'Well, at least Eli had a 'good' reason for why he was poking at the fire with a long stick. He said "Daddy, I'm poking the fire with a long stick so I can get fire on the end of the stick and hit the neighbors cat with it!" Well, if that's not a good excuse, I don't know what is..... ;)

  • And finally, a story from my Noah-boy. He has had yet to say any understandable words. Not even 'Mama' or 'Dada' has ever left his lips. It's all 'ungh, ungh', and so forth. However, tonight, my sister walked in the front door, and Noah looked at her in delight, pointed his little finger and said "Kristin!", as plain as day! A whole room full of adults heard it. Go figure :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

'Peat and Re-peat'

As a lady at church likes to call my boys. Hmm....I wonder what will happen if the next baby is a boy? Will he be 'Repeat the II?' ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes I forget

I'm running around, taking care of children, teaching school work, fixing food, getting Sunday School lessons ready....and I wonder why I feel so worn out. I wonder why my stomach is turning upside down, and my hips are starting to ache........and then, I see a wonderful, God-glorifying story like this, and suddenly, I'm reminded. Reminded of the absolute joy of a newborn. Reminded of their sweet smell and their soft skin. And then I remember....oh yeah, we're gonna have one of those in a few months :) And suddenly, I don't feel quite so guilty about the afternoon naps.....the occasional frozen dinner......the topsy-turvy stomach that requires snacks 'round the clock......or the clothes that are fitting more snugly every day. We're going to have a baby, and nothing else really matters :)

If you have time, go over and see Beka's Blog and her new little bundle of joy. We have been praying for them for a long time now, and are rejoicing with their new little family!! God is good, ALL the time :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Proof that Pregnancy really does steal brain cells....

I plugged the light in the wall in Eli's room. Nothing. Hmm. I turned the switch. Nothing. Must be a dead light bulb. I went to the other room, and got a light bulb from another lamp. Still nothing. Okaaay....must be the lamp. I went and got the lamp from the other room that I had just taken the light bulb from, replaced the light-bulb, and tried plugging the new lamp in. Nothing. I turned the switch. Nothing. I tried every electrical out-let in Eli's room. Nothing!

Hmmm....there's something wrong with the electrical outlets!! So, Joel came home, and I told him. He asked me if I had checked them all, and I assured him that I had. So, he spent a half hour after dinner finding the right breaker to that room, turning off the electric, and taking out all the outlets to find the problem.

Here is where I start to feel stupid...gulp.

He came to me a little later." Um, Love.....Did you use the two lamps in the hall-way to check the outlets?"


"Okay, well, one of them doesn't have a light-bulb, and one of them has a dead light bulb." had never thought that the light-bulb in the second lamp might be dead as well! It had just never occured to me. The light-bulb in the first lamp was dead, and then I put another dead light-bulb in it! Here I was, thoroughly convinced that there was something wrong with the outlets, and it was just two dead light-bulbs. Good-grief.

Fortunately, my husband still loves me...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Conversations worth recording

Eli: Mommy, are boys sweethearts?
Me: What?
Eli: Cosette says I can't be a sweetheart 'cuz I'm a boy!
Me: Well, you're MY sweetheart, aren't you? And Daddy is also my sweetheart. You are BOTH boys :)
Eli: See, Cosette? We're Mommy's sweet-hearts!
Cosette: Really, Mommy???


This happened just after dinner, as we were getting a plate of cookies to the table for dessert. Cosette had already left the table to go read a book, but Noah was still in his seat.

Noah: (Pointing quite determined) "Ungh, Ungh, UNGH!"
Me: Um, Mommy doesn't know what you want, Noah? Are you wanting your cookie now?
Noah: (Looking frustrated) Ungh, Ungh, Ungh! (More pointing, this time in the direction of Cosette's usual seat at the table)
Me: Um, Do you want more to drink?
Noah: (Really frustrated this time at his Mommy's in-ability to understand him) "UNGH, Ungh, Ungh!! (More pointing toward Cosette's seat, and this time, looking all around the room for her.
Me: Oh, do you want Cosette to come back and sit in her seat and have a cookie?
Noah: A look of delight crossed his face, he smiled a HUGE smile, and clapped his hands together.
Me: Ah, Do you Love Cosette, Noah?
Noah: Finally spots Cosette behind him in the living room, and flashes her a smile sweet enough to melt your heart.
Cosette came back to eat her cookie, and at last Noah was finally happy :)


Me: Eli, Mommy's stomach is rather upset---would you go get me a soda from the pantry shelf? (Since I was a little girl, a coke is my 'go-to' for an upset stomach---it's probably all in my head.)
Eli: Sure Mom!
He came back a few minutes later, carrying a can of mandarin oranges. LOL!!
Me: Um, I don't think that'll do the trick, Bud....
Eli: (looking terribly downcast and re-jected)
Me: But thanks for your hard work and effort!
Eli: Flashes me a big grin :)

A telephone conversation with Daddy at lunch-time:

Cosette: Hi Daddy! Yeah, well, I tried to draw a picture of a Parrot, and I couldn't do it right, and I got mad at Mommy 'cuz she couldn't help me, and I had to go to my room, and...well....that's pretty much been my terrible day so far.

A child's point of view:

Cosette: MMmmm, Mommy, these special yogurts you got at the store are SO delicious!

The same food from an adult's perspective:

Joel: Hey Jaime, that yogurt in my lunch today was, um, well.....interesting :)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Good Motivation

So far in this pregnancy, everything is going great. Baby is healthy and strong, I'm starting to get over my 'always wanting to sleep' first trimester stuff, and the maternity clothes are starting to come out of hiding....However, that dreaded '12 week' mark is coming up next Monday, and I'm trying not to think about it. It was at exactly 12 weeks last time with Noah that I was rushed to the emergency room and put on bed-rest. It is twelve weeks when the placenta finishes forming and attaching. I'm trusting God to get us through this time without that happening. Still, I can't help in the back of my mind thinking about what it was like last time...

I was not expecting that at all---I'd had two previous, completely normal, no-issue pregnancies. I had no reason to believe that this one would be any different. So, I was not at all 'prepared' that morning of Dec. 31st in the hospital room when the doctor informed me that I was on 'indefinite bed-rest'. I remember coming home to a messy house, no meals ready in the freezer, closets all un-organized, my rec-room was, well, a wreck! My husband, family and friends were soooo amazing. I had people fixing food, staying here all day, and taking care of my kids. I remember watching my wonderful mother-in-law scrub my bathroom each week, and feeling so bad. I remember the day my best friend came over, and I sent her downstairs to clean the rec-room. "Just do your best to find the floor', I informed her. I remember wishing the whole time that I had 'seen this coming'.

So, I guess you can say this time that I'm 'preparing for the worse', but praying for the best. I hemmed my living room curtains this week. I pulled up my garden and got it 'winter-ized'. I cleaned out my freezer and have everything in neat little baskets, nicely labeled as 'bread', 'meat', etc. I cleaned out my linen closet and have all the towels and sheets folded nicely and in perfect order. I sorted through the kids toys and took a bunch to GoodWill, leaving only toys that make sense and are easy for them to clean up on their own. I sorted through my recipes and organized that cupboard. All of my cleaners are in good, working order now, with plenty of wrags and cloths to get the job done. My pantry shelves are stocked, I have meal-plans ready to go.

Wow, considering that it's highly UN-LIKELY that anything will happen this time.........I'm in good shape for once in the past six years :) I hope that I am the one who gets to benefit from all of my mad organizing ;)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Happy Dance

I have had numerous people say to me "Is Noah ever not smiling?" And I do have to answer 'yes'---for instance, when he has to get a shot, or when his big brother is being too rough, or....well, that's about it. Seriously. He is one happy little guy. I've never seen such a happy baby. He smiles when I get him from nap time. He smiles whenever you say anything to him. He just basically smiles all the time, and it's pretty much been that way since he was a baby. And his smile---oh, it gets me every time. He crinkles up that little nose and wrinkles his big brown eyes, and I have to scoop him up every time and plant a big kiss on his cheek. I just can't help it.

But, as cute as that smile is, for a while now, he's been doing something even cuter. A happy dance. I kid you not. He takes his two little feet, goes back and forth and back and forth on them, and grins up at you the whole time. If you say "Noah, do you want a snack?" he does his happy dance. If you say "Noah, it's time for sleepy-time", he does his happy dance. If you say "Noah, do you want to play trucks with Mommy?", he does his happy dance! It's toooo cute. It's like his way of communicating that yes, this is something that he would reallllly like!

I love to see the kids personalities start to take shape. I can look back and see little glimpses of who Cosette is now when she was 6 months, one year, two years, etc. I can definitely see Eli's bright, inquisitive, curious nature shining forth from the moment he was born. Most babies sleep for hours after birth---but not Eli. He laid there in his little bed, wide awake, taking it all in---and he hasn't stopped in 3 1/2 years! So now, I wonder, what will my Noah Boy be like in three years? If he is so pleasant and happy and 'easy' now, will he be the same when he is four or five? I wonder :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The 'proper' way to eat an ice-cream sandwich..... with your spoon. Silly boy :)

The Circle of Life

I was sorting through my freezer the other day, and found a loaf of pumpkin bread. Big deal, right? Well, it was the pumpkin bread that my Grandma gave us as a gift last December. Every year around this time, she would go on a mad hunt for Black Walnuts, and if she found them, she would make up a big batch of pumpkin bread and give it to lots of people as gifts. Well, we had frozen ours and never gotten around to eating it. And there it was on my shelf. It was marked 'December, 2008', in her handwriting. And now, I don't know what to do with it. I know it's silly, but---should I eat it? I don't think I could. To taste her baking, now that she's gone, would probably leave me in tears. To throw it out would seem just wrong, somehow. I couldn't do that either. So, should I just leave it in my freezer indefinitely?? I have a real dilemma here!

And, thinking of the pumpkin bread made me think of other ways that Grandma's 'legacy' still lives on, even though she is gone. Take Cosette's recent art-work, for example:

Leo the Lion

She seems to have a real gift for drawing and coloring, especially for a four year old. She certainy didn't get that from me! No, she got it from her Great Grandma! And I know that Grandma would be sooooo proud right now to see Cosette's art-work, and her super-neat hand-writing skills, which are also just like Grandma's. It's amazing to me how different characteristics and personalities are passed on so visibly from one generation to the next!

I miss my Grandma terribly. But, I will find ways to make sure that my children never forget her. Maybe we'll bake up our own batch of pumpkin bread with specialty black walnuts :)


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