Saturday, October 31, 2009

Relieved beyond words

So, I lost Eli today for about 60 seconds.

How's that for an opening line for a post?? Here's what really happened....

I had finished up my grocery shopping, and just needed to run into Giant Eagle for two more things--yogurt and mangos. Joel stayed in the car with Cosette and Noah, but Eli had to go potty, so I took him in with me.

I was standing there looking at mangos, and Eli was right beside me. It may have taken me a whole 20 seconds to pick out my two mangos, and then I turned around. Eli was gone. I didn't think much of it, thinking he had just wandered down the next aisle. I looked---no Eli. I looked in the next aisle, and the next. I started looking FASTER, running all over the produce section. I couldn't see him anywhere. I had NO idea where he could have gotten so quickly! I started to have mental images in my mind of some horrible, weird person dressed in a goblin Halloween costume picking up my precious boy and making a dash for the door. Panic seized my heart, and I started jogging through the aisle. I began to yell his name as loudly as I could. "Eli! Eli! Eli! Answer me NOW!" Nothing. I started looking around frantically for an employee, or anybody to ask for help. Suddenly, the voice of an angel. Well, it was actually just a nice lady, but what she said sounded like music to my ears.

"Are you looking for a little boy?"


She pointed waaaaaaay down to the end of the deli section. "There he is."

I turned, and suddenly, there was my Eli guy. He was turning around in confused circles, big tears running down his cheeks.

"Eli, Eli, Mommy's right here!''

I ran to him, literally, and he ran to me. We threw our arms around each other. He was sobbing, poor little guy.

"Mama, I couldn't find you!! I was wookin' everywhere for you!!"

" I know Eli, I'm sorry. I was looking for you too!"

I hugged that little man as closely as I could, never wanting to let go. I have never felt such relief in my entire life! And in that hug, it seemed like every moment from the day of his birth until then flashed through my mind, and I squeezed him even tighter.

All I can figure is that he must have turned around to look at something, and then when he didn't see me right away, started walking really quickly in the wrong direction!

So God, thank you for watching over our little ones when we are a little too distracted with trivial things like mangos......


Chuck said...

very scary
very grateful
very good God

Elizabeth said...

wow. I'm so glad that you found him and that everyone was ok. that must have shaken you both up, a lot!!

My mom has a story like that of my brother dan when he was little--he got lost in a department store---but he wasn't 'lost'...he was 'hiding'...and in BIG BIG trouble when he was found!!!


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