Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

....because sometimes it takes a bunch of them to make up a whole post :)

1.) This is how much Cosette is loving school---I came out to the kitchen the other day to find her sitting at the table, school books spread out, waiting for me to start. was Saturday, and I was not geared up for school on a Saturday! When I informed her of this, she burst into crocodile tears!!

2.) Joel had to work half a day yesterday, so I was being lazy and taking my time doing stuff. I cleaned up the kitchen, took a nice walk on the treadmill, and hopped in the shower at 10:10. At 10:24, I hopped back out of the shower, got dressed, and walked to the living room. Cosette says "Mom, look who's here!" I glanced up to see.....a piano student standing in my living room. I was flabbergasted. I had completely forgotten that we had switched her lesson time! I said "Oh, um, Danae, Hi! You have a lesson, don't you? I'm so glad I'm done in the shower!" She looked at me like I had three heads :)

3.) Tomorrow is my birthday :) I turn....well......another year closer to 30 :) (Let's just say I'm on the downhill to 30, which I'm not going to think about, or it'll be too depressing...) On brighter thoughts, Joel is staying home the entire day tomorrow!!!!!!!! :) :) :) Can you tell I'm excited? He's had a busy fall season and has been putting in extra hours, so I'm grateful for the whole day with him :) He's going to fix baked French Toast for breakfast, at my request. Yummy!

4.) To get your attention, Noah now pokes. Yes, he walks up behind you, violently pokes whatever body part he can best reach, and then once he has your attention, will show you whatever he wants to show you. Problem is, it's painful! I can't wait till he learns to talk...

5.) I've been having terrible food cravings with this pregnancy. Okay, okay, I have them with every pregnancy. All you have to do is mention a certain food, and I really, really want it. For hours, days....well, until I get it! This is not cool, especially since we've decided not to spend extra money during this pregnancy on my silly food cravings. The other night, I tried to substitute a twinkie for my cheese danish craving, and it just didn't help any. I've been trying to think of healthy stuff like salads and yogurt :)

6.) We think we may have a boys and girls name picked out for the baby. I know, I know, we're incredibly early---but we like to do that, because then we can start getting used to the name way before the baby actually gets here. Then, whenever the baby is born, of course they seem like nothing other than.....Noah, for example. Hehe---you didn't really think I was gonna share our names, did you?? ;)


Kristin said...

Killer fries.....fried oreos....Reese's crispy crunchy bar.....nachos-n-cheese.....Hershey's chocolate pie.....double fudge brownies.............Olive Garden...Out Back...Ruby Tuesday!

From your loving little sister,

Love Instead. said...

If I were you, I would punch your sister, because now I'm craving this stuff! Haha.

Chuck said...

wow, that is an awesome word, so nice when life hands us a situation to use it in.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAIME!!!!!!! Hope you had a great one :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Kristin... you're evil.

- Joel


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