Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Odds and Ends

Just pulling fun stuff from my camera. (You may want to turn off the music in my side-bar for this post)

Cosette 'in the fish tank' :) This was at my
favorite pizza restaurant on my birthday

My little fireman, after seeing a REAL fireman
at story time at the library

Me, after a trip to 'Cosette's Beauty Salon' :)

An Aunt in a Basket!! How fun is that?? Did
you even know that an Aunt could fit in a
laundry basket? Me either ;)

We've added 'hymn-singing' to the kids daily school routine, and I'm really pleased with how well they've 'taken to it' Here is a clip of Eli singing his favorite hymn so far, 'O For a Thousand Tongues'. Gotta love his sweet little voice :)


Elizabeth said...

I LOOOOOVE THE HAIR, JAIME!!!! :) Why didn't you let her do it like that for homecoming??? :) :)

p.s. Eli has a great voice! I love how he knows all the words.

Jenny said...

Loved hearing Eli sing and all the pictures. Happy belated Birthday too! I hope it was a great one!

Chuck said...

"The triumph of His Grace"
you go Eli
that was great

Appletree said...

The most amazing about Eli's singing is, that I thought about how those hymns will stay with him his life long.

I have so many hymns in my heart that my mother taught me and that I have been singing as a child. You are truly planting precious seeds, Jaime!

I wanted to send you an email for your birthday, but bad-sloppy-me didn't manage :-( ... but sending my blessings anyway. Next year same time there will already be a new treasure in your house :-)

Sending a hug from Germany, Helen


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