Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Number Four

In case any of you didn't get to see my last post, or just didn't 'get it', I'll spell it out for you plainly-----we are expecting a baby around the very end of May!!!!! (My actual due date is June 1st, but my mid-wives are predicting earlier since it's my fourth...we'll see.) We are super excited, obviously :) Cosette is also very excited, and is praying verrrrrry hard for a girl.

My last pregnancy with Noah was so very complicated, with so many weeks of worry and bed-rest, that we had actually considered that maybe he would be our last. Well, we eventually came to the conclusion that neither one of us liked that idea----at all. To not ever have another baby in the house, another little one to hold and coo over---well, we just couldn't accept that at all. We knew that even if another pregnancy would be as difficult as last time, it would be worth it. So, yes, this new little one was very much expected, anticipated, and prayed for :)

Now, some of you may think that we're nuts. A fourth baby, this soon?? What are they thinking?? Let me calm your worries a little.

1.) We don't see it that way at all. We have loved, rejoiced, and absolutely delighted in all of our other children, and we are doing exactly the same with this one. The thought of having another little dark eyed boy or sweet little girl running around the house thrills us. All of our children are a blessing.

2.) As far as the work load? It's really not as bad as you may think. You see, we've been training our older kids since....well.....since they were old enough to pick up a toy and put it in a basket. Here is what the older two help me with on a daily basis:

Eli: Get himself dressed, brush his teeth, use the potty, and keep his room clean and picked up at least once a day, help Cosette to set and clear the table at meal-times, put away his own laundry

Cosette: Get herself dressed, brush her teeth, make her bed, keep her room clean and picked up,
set and clear the table at meal-times, put away her own clean laundry

They are also frequently asked to help gather dirty laundry, sort it into dark and white piles, and carry dry clean laundry to the bedrooms. They are responsible for keeping library books on the shelf, and toys in the living room picked up.

I also frequently have them do miscellaneous household chores that are at their level, like sanitizing door-knobs and light-switches, folding laundry, etc.

So you see, I won't have four children all under six who are helpless and incapable of doing anything. I'll have one 5 1/2 year old who is actually a huge helper, and one four year old who is very close to being one himself :) At that point, Noah will also be expected to do more, like picking up his own toys and stuff. Adding a little one to the mix won't be that huge of a deal :)

I am a stay at home mom, and plan to be so for many, many years. Why not add all the little blessings in there while we can? ;) can you pray for us?

1.) Pray first of all for an uncomplicated, smooth-sailing pregnancy. My first two were simple and 'to the book'----pray for another one just like them :)

2.)Pray for a healthy baby. Duh.

3.) Pray for me to get my 'let's cook dinner' energy back. I don't tend to get 'sick' during pregnancy, but I do get tired...verrry, very tired. The thought of cooking dinner lately has required almost more energy than I can muster.....

4.) And finally, pray for a ...'ahem'....girl. Obviously, we'll be thrilled in the end with whomever God has in mind for us, but certain people in our family would be delighted with a girl....(In case we have a boy, that statement is off of the records.....)

Joel and I are amazed how in six short years, we will have moved from Joel and Jaime, to Joel, Jaime, Cosette, Eli, Noah, and Baby Curtis. God is Good, ALL the time :)


Kelly said...

I just wanted to let you know again how very excited we are for you all. It sounds like you have such a well managed, organized house and that adding one more sweet baby will be a smooth transition. Even if things weren't so organized in your home, this new baby would still be such a wonderful addition. We stopped at three mostly because the health factor - the odds aren't in my favor to have a healthy baby based on my past experiences. But, if circumstances were different for us, I could see us having a fourth (or more)! I think that children greatly benefit from their relationships with siblings. You have wonderful children and you two are wonderful parents! We will continue to pray for the health of this baby and your pregnancy!
Kelly and Wes

Jaime said...

Thanks so much for your sweet words and encouragement :) It's nice to know we have family behind us and supporting us :) You're right---even if my house were chaos (which some days it is ;) this baby would still be a blessing :) I'm so glad that you have your three to love and enjoy. We continue to pray for you all and Jack. Loved reading your latest blog post :)

Jaime said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth said...

Congrats again, Jaime :) I suppose we kept our "secret" well on Saturday!!! It was so good seeing you again. I always enjoy every opportunity we get to visit. By the way, did you get that McDonalds ice cream? :)

Just wanted to add to your comment of going from 2 people to SIX---that's also going from 20 fingers to 120!!! :) Let me know when you want to get that piano quartet started :) :) :)

Stephen.Shipp said...

Wonderful news!!! We'll be praying for you.


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