Thursday, October 15, 2009

I failed--again

So, you all heard about the last time that Eli locked my bed-room door, and I had to call Joel at work to get it open. Actually, he's done this numerous times. One time, it was the bathroom door, and I called Joel in a panic "Joel, you have got to come home right now---I've got a potty-training two year old, and no potty!"Anyway, I was tired of bothering my busy husband at work, so last time, I had him teach me how to properly open the locked door using the little key-thing. Bingo! I got it! I did it over and over again. It worked. Okay, so, I was prepared. Next time my little monkey locked the door, I would get it open. (And in case you're wondering, yes, Eli is disciplined each and every time for this. Each and every time, he is sternly warned to never do it again, and yet he keeps doing it. I think there's something that comes over his little pointer finger, and he just can't stop himself)

Anyway....the next time he did this, I was proud of myself for getting the door unlocked on my own. This morning, I was needing some stuff out of my room, and I was dismayed to turn the door and find it locked. No worry, I'd just use the little key thing and un-lock it. Or so I thought. I stood and fought with that door for a looooong time. I twisted, I turned, I pushed, I luck. That door would NOT open. In the midst of my frustration, Cosette said "Mom, remember our verse from the other day --"Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger" Grrrr...... In desperation, I finally called Joel at work, because I really needed in the room.

He came home, and I thought he'd get it open right away, as usual. However, to my surprise, he was struggling with it too. It took him a little twisting and turning and trying different things before it finally popped open. What had happened was that my purse was hung on the inside of the door-knob, preventing the lock from functioning properly. So, once again, the little monkey was disciplined and warned to never do this again, to which he promised ( as usual) that he would not.

The point of this story? I have no idea :) Take your pick:

1. Never trust a three-year old around locks
2. How to drive your husband insane (even if you don't want to!)
3. Don't teach your four year old Bible Verses unless you're willing to have them quoted back at you in your moments of weakness
4. Remove all locks from your house
5. Don't hang your purse on the door knob

Anyone else have any good 'morals' that you've gleaned from my story? I'd love to hear them.... :)


Anonymous said...

No, I didn't find any any new morals, but I did get a little laugh!

Beverly said...

I have to say, the best part of this story was Cosette quoting a verse back to you. Love that girl! Hope you are well, friend.

Elizabeth said...

Oh..Oh!!! I've got one!!! It means that when you're pregnant you should stay in bed allllll day long...and then when Eli locks you in the're already in bed, where you'd like to be in the first place! :)

Sometime remind me to share with you the toothbrushing story from when I was a teen and babysat---it involves a locked door and my first lesson in reversed psychology :)


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