Thursday, October 29, 2009

Details, details, details....

Just sharing our fun day---you might want to grab a cup of coffee :)

We had our ultrasound today and are pleased to say that Baby looks normal and healthy! He/she had a strong heart beat of 168 beats per minute. It's too bad I was too full of water, though, because I pretty much suffered through the whole ultrasound. The crazy little slip of paper that they send home with you before the ultrasound tells you to drink SIX 8oz glasses of water an hour beforehand. Well, I wasn't quite that dumb, but I did chug down---well, a whole water bottle about 45 minutes prior to my appointment, which is way more than my system can hold right now it it's pregnant state. We got to my appointment, I checked in, and then I waited. For a whole two minutes. I jumped up out of my seat and started walking around the room. Joel looks at me funny. "Are you okay?? Too much water?" I moaned. I ran up to the receptionist, who, after three previous babies, thankfully knows me fairly well :) "Um, I just drank a WHOLE bunch of water for the ultrasound, and, um, I don't know how long I'm gonna make it....." She cracked up, then promised to see what she could do. 30 seconds later, they called me back. And, even though I gritted my teeth all the way through the ultrasound, I was still as pleased as punch to see my little one. The baby was moving all around, and you could see it's little heart thumping like crazy. Even after three babies, it's still incredible. Measuring in at not quite an inch, we're guessing my due date is somewhere towards the very end of May. (Oh, and the technician assured me that for my next ultrasound at 18 weeks or so, maybe one or two glasses of water would be sufficient :)

Other than that, there's not much to report. We are, however, praying fervently about the whole placenta previa issue from last time. Usually, the placenta is not fully formed or attached until around the end of the first trimester, which is right when I had all my initial problems last time. That is coming up in just two weeks for me. So, we're praying that everything will be fine this time.

In other news, Noah had HIS 15 month check-up right after my appointment, since the two offices are in the same building ( how convenient!). He's healthy and strong as well, with the most teeth for a 15 month old that our pediatrician has ever seen. The doctor asked Joel if Noah was 'on solid food yet', and Joel just laughed. He's been eating as much as me for a few months now ;) All for good reason, though, as he's grown nearly two inches since his last appointment. That energy is going straight to his height! He's definitely shaping up to be my tallest baby yet :)

If I had a scanner, I'd post a picture of our ultrasound, but I don't. Trust me, though, our whole family agreed that it was definitely the cutest little nine 1/2 week old unborn baby on the face of the planet.To you all, though, it would probably just look like a blurry bitt of fuzz on the screen ;) We, however, are completely and 100 % in love with this little one!

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