Saturday, October 31, 2009

Relieved beyond words

So, I lost Eli today for about 60 seconds.

How's that for an opening line for a post?? Here's what really happened....

I had finished up my grocery shopping, and just needed to run into Giant Eagle for two more things--yogurt and mangos. Joel stayed in the car with Cosette and Noah, but Eli had to go potty, so I took him in with me.

I was standing there looking at mangos, and Eli was right beside me. It may have taken me a whole 20 seconds to pick out my two mangos, and then I turned around. Eli was gone. I didn't think much of it, thinking he had just wandered down the next aisle. I looked---no Eli. I looked in the next aisle, and the next. I started looking FASTER, running all over the produce section. I couldn't see him anywhere. I had NO idea where he could have gotten so quickly! I started to have mental images in my mind of some horrible, weird person dressed in a goblin Halloween costume picking up my precious boy and making a dash for the door. Panic seized my heart, and I started jogging through the aisle. I began to yell his name as loudly as I could. "Eli! Eli! Eli! Answer me NOW!" Nothing. I started looking around frantically for an employee, or anybody to ask for help. Suddenly, the voice of an angel. Well, it was actually just a nice lady, but what she said sounded like music to my ears.

"Are you looking for a little boy?"


She pointed waaaaaaay down to the end of the deli section. "There he is."

I turned, and suddenly, there was my Eli guy. He was turning around in confused circles, big tears running down his cheeks.

"Eli, Eli, Mommy's right here!''

I ran to him, literally, and he ran to me. We threw our arms around each other. He was sobbing, poor little guy.

"Mama, I couldn't find you!! I was wookin' everywhere for you!!"

" I know Eli, I'm sorry. I was looking for you too!"

I hugged that little man as closely as I could, never wanting to let go. I have never felt such relief in my entire life! And in that hug, it seemed like every moment from the day of his birth until then flashed through my mind, and I squeezed him even tighter.

All I can figure is that he must have turned around to look at something, and then when he didn't see me right away, started walking really quickly in the wrong direction!

So God, thank you for watching over our little ones when we are a little too distracted with trivial things like mangos......

Lovin' Life....

Tomorrow, I am going to.....

  • enjoy having my husband home from work for the WHOLE day :)
  • go get my flu shot
  • give a piano lesson (yes, I remembered it this week!!)
  • go grocery shopping for one week instead of two, which I am loving!
  • blow raspberries on Noah's belly and watch in delight as he giggles and giggles
  • get a Sunday School lesson ready for Eli's class--gotta love those sweet 2-3 year olds!
  • attempt to make a delicious Spicy Honey Chicken Salad which my sister-'n-law fixed for us while we were at the beach this summer---ummm....good stuff!
  • Try a new fruit salsa dip with cinnamon chips for dessert

Yep, it's gonna be a good day! (All except for the flu shot part......)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Details, details, details....

Just sharing our fun day---you might want to grab a cup of coffee :)

We had our ultrasound today and are pleased to say that Baby looks normal and healthy! He/she had a strong heart beat of 168 beats per minute. It's too bad I was too full of water, though, because I pretty much suffered through the whole ultrasound. The crazy little slip of paper that they send home with you before the ultrasound tells you to drink SIX 8oz glasses of water an hour beforehand. Well, I wasn't quite that dumb, but I did chug down---well, a whole water bottle about 45 minutes prior to my appointment, which is way more than my system can hold right now it it's pregnant state. We got to my appointment, I checked in, and then I waited. For a whole two minutes. I jumped up out of my seat and started walking around the room. Joel looks at me funny. "Are you okay?? Too much water?" I moaned. I ran up to the receptionist, who, after three previous babies, thankfully knows me fairly well :) "Um, I just drank a WHOLE bunch of water for the ultrasound, and, um, I don't know how long I'm gonna make it....." She cracked up, then promised to see what she could do. 30 seconds later, they called me back. And, even though I gritted my teeth all the way through the ultrasound, I was still as pleased as punch to see my little one. The baby was moving all around, and you could see it's little heart thumping like crazy. Even after three babies, it's still incredible. Measuring in at not quite an inch, we're guessing my due date is somewhere towards the very end of May. (Oh, and the technician assured me that for my next ultrasound at 18 weeks or so, maybe one or two glasses of water would be sufficient :)

Other than that, there's not much to report. We are, however, praying fervently about the whole placenta previa issue from last time. Usually, the placenta is not fully formed or attached until around the end of the first trimester, which is right when I had all my initial problems last time. That is coming up in just two weeks for me. So, we're praying that everything will be fine this time.

In other news, Noah had HIS 15 month check-up right after my appointment, since the two offices are in the same building ( how convenient!). He's healthy and strong as well, with the most teeth for a 15 month old that our pediatrician has ever seen. The doctor asked Joel if Noah was 'on solid food yet', and Joel just laughed. He's been eating as much as me for a few months now ;) All for good reason, though, as he's grown nearly two inches since his last appointment. That energy is going straight to his height! He's definitely shaping up to be my tallest baby yet :)

If I had a scanner, I'd post a picture of our ultrasound, but I don't. Trust me, though, our whole family agreed that it was definitely the cutest little nine 1/2 week old unborn baby on the face of the planet.To you all, though, it would probably just look like a blurry bitt of fuzz on the screen ;) We, however, are completely and 100 % in love with this little one!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apparently, I would not make a good 'handy-man'

So, Cosette dropped her tooth brush down the sink drain today, and it was upside down. How disgusting. I could think of nothing to get that thing out. I did try fishing for it with a hanger, but that really wasn't working. (Not that I wanted her to use the tooth brush again, obviously, but it couldn't just stay in the drain pipe like that). So, as I stood there frowning and contemplating what to do next, Eli's little voice pipes up: "I know, Mommy!"

"What is your idea, Eli?"

" CALL DADDY!!" last, the voice of wisdom :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Found in the bottom of my clothes hamper:

1 jar of spaghetti sauce, 1 jar of diced tomatoes, and 1 can of tomato soup. Hhmmm....I wonder who thought these needed a washing? I returned them to their proper shelf, mystified.

A few days later, as I was sorting laundry again, I noticed Noah toddling around, playing with toys and such. Then, he walked over to the pantry shelf, pulled off the spaghetti sauce, and happily dumped it into the laundry hamper. He looked up at me with a grin, and then dumped in the can of diced tomatoes and tomato soup.

Hmmm....mystery solved :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This week's attempt to feed my family.......

.....if I could only avoid that 5:00 queasy feeling that hits me every day. However, last week's plan was fairly successful (meaning I didn't back out on any meals), so I'm hoping that this one will be too.
Oh, and I don't know if I'm really late or just really early in posting this (since it's supposed to be done on Monday), so I'm not going to bother linking to the usual menu site, but you can always visit past menu plans of mine for the link :)

Notice all the great crock pot meals this week!

Saturday: Crock-pot Italian Chicken over rice (a really yummy recipe from my mother-in-law, and really easy), roasted asparagus, and applesauce from the freezer

Sunday: Roast from the freezer, Baked potatoes (which will cook in the oven while we're at church), and left-over roast asparagus (This is the same roast from my birthday last week---we never ate it because my fabulous parents took us out to my favorite pizza restaurant instead :)

Monday: Dinner with some of Joel's family

Tuesday: Chicken Spaghetti and a Salad

Wednesday: Cheese-Tortellini-spinach soup (Got this idea from Jodi), and cheesy-gooey bread (I don't think that's it's proper name ;)

Thursday: We have all day Doctor's and Midwife appointments this day, so we're doing frozen pizza and veggie sticks with hummus

Friday: Spinach Quiche, Oven Potatoes, and either fresh fruit or a smoothie

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Odds and Ends

Just pulling fun stuff from my camera. (You may want to turn off the music in my side-bar for this post)

Cosette 'in the fish tank' :) This was at my
favorite pizza restaurant on my birthday

My little fireman, after seeing a REAL fireman
at story time at the library

Me, after a trip to 'Cosette's Beauty Salon' :)

An Aunt in a Basket!! How fun is that?? Did
you even know that an Aunt could fit in a
laundry basket? Me either ;)

We've added 'hymn-singing' to the kids daily school routine, and I'm really pleased with how well they've 'taken to it' Here is a clip of Eli singing his favorite hymn so far, 'O For a Thousand Tongues'. Gotta love his sweet little voice :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just not sure....

Well, I did it. I finally scheduled an appointment at the Pediatricians for all three kids to get the flu shot, and then I'm getting mine at my next OB appointment. Nobody in our family has ever gotten the flu shot. (Meaning those living in my house right now). My mom used to get it all the time, and never had any problems with it. So, with flu season looking to be bad this year, and me pregnant, I thought we better 'bite the bullet' and just get it.

However.........Joel and I are still really iffy on the H1N1 thing. As much as I absolutely dread the thought of any of us catching that---as much as I dread the thought of being very pregnant and having a severe case of the flu at the same time......we just can't do it. The vaccine is just too new, too questionable---I dunno. I do not handle being sick well---(I usually think that I'm dying this time for sure), so I'd like to avoid it at all costs. Lots of hand washing, hand sanitizer, grocery cart covers, NO thumb sucking (haha, yeah right), trying to avoid large groups of children with snotty noses----am I being over-protective?? I know that we could catch it anyway, it's just the thought of it---ew, gives me the shivers. After Eli's ordeal last spring with the Roto virus--well, I'd really like to avoid anything like that again!

So, are you all getting the flu shot this year? How about the H1N1 vaccine? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on all of it, and how you came to the conclusion that you did :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

....because sometimes it takes a bunch of them to make up a whole post :)

1.) This is how much Cosette is loving school---I came out to the kitchen the other day to find her sitting at the table, school books spread out, waiting for me to start. was Saturday, and I was not geared up for school on a Saturday! When I informed her of this, she burst into crocodile tears!!

2.) Joel had to work half a day yesterday, so I was being lazy and taking my time doing stuff. I cleaned up the kitchen, took a nice walk on the treadmill, and hopped in the shower at 10:10. At 10:24, I hopped back out of the shower, got dressed, and walked to the living room. Cosette says "Mom, look who's here!" I glanced up to see.....a piano student standing in my living room. I was flabbergasted. I had completely forgotten that we had switched her lesson time! I said "Oh, um, Danae, Hi! You have a lesson, don't you? I'm so glad I'm done in the shower!" She looked at me like I had three heads :)

3.) Tomorrow is my birthday :) I turn....well......another year closer to 30 :) (Let's just say I'm on the downhill to 30, which I'm not going to think about, or it'll be too depressing...) On brighter thoughts, Joel is staying home the entire day tomorrow!!!!!!!! :) :) :) Can you tell I'm excited? He's had a busy fall season and has been putting in extra hours, so I'm grateful for the whole day with him :) He's going to fix baked French Toast for breakfast, at my request. Yummy!

4.) To get your attention, Noah now pokes. Yes, he walks up behind you, violently pokes whatever body part he can best reach, and then once he has your attention, will show you whatever he wants to show you. Problem is, it's painful! I can't wait till he learns to talk...

5.) I've been having terrible food cravings with this pregnancy. Okay, okay, I have them with every pregnancy. All you have to do is mention a certain food, and I really, really want it. For hours, days....well, until I get it! This is not cool, especially since we've decided not to spend extra money during this pregnancy on my silly food cravings. The other night, I tried to substitute a twinkie for my cheese danish craving, and it just didn't help any. I've been trying to think of healthy stuff like salads and yogurt :)

6.) We think we may have a boys and girls name picked out for the baby. I know, I know, we're incredibly early---but we like to do that, because then we can start getting used to the name way before the baby actually gets here. Then, whenever the baby is born, of course they seem like nothing other than.....Noah, for example. Hehe---you didn't really think I was gonna share our names, did you?? ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I failed--again

So, you all heard about the last time that Eli locked my bed-room door, and I had to call Joel at work to get it open. Actually, he's done this numerous times. One time, it was the bathroom door, and I called Joel in a panic "Joel, you have got to come home right now---I've got a potty-training two year old, and no potty!"Anyway, I was tired of bothering my busy husband at work, so last time, I had him teach me how to properly open the locked door using the little key-thing. Bingo! I got it! I did it over and over again. It worked. Okay, so, I was prepared. Next time my little monkey locked the door, I would get it open. (And in case you're wondering, yes, Eli is disciplined each and every time for this. Each and every time, he is sternly warned to never do it again, and yet he keeps doing it. I think there's something that comes over his little pointer finger, and he just can't stop himself)

Anyway....the next time he did this, I was proud of myself for getting the door unlocked on my own. This morning, I was needing some stuff out of my room, and I was dismayed to turn the door and find it locked. No worry, I'd just use the little key thing and un-lock it. Or so I thought. I stood and fought with that door for a looooong time. I twisted, I turned, I pushed, I luck. That door would NOT open. In the midst of my frustration, Cosette said "Mom, remember our verse from the other day --"Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger" Grrrr...... In desperation, I finally called Joel at work, because I really needed in the room.

He came home, and I thought he'd get it open right away, as usual. However, to my surprise, he was struggling with it too. It took him a little twisting and turning and trying different things before it finally popped open. What had happened was that my purse was hung on the inside of the door-knob, preventing the lock from functioning properly. So, once again, the little monkey was disciplined and warned to never do this again, to which he promised ( as usual) that he would not.

The point of this story? I have no idea :) Take your pick:

1. Never trust a three-year old around locks
2. How to drive your husband insane (even if you don't want to!)
3. Don't teach your four year old Bible Verses unless you're willing to have them quoted back at you in your moments of weakness
4. Remove all locks from your house
5. Don't hang your purse on the door knob

Anyone else have any good 'morals' that you've gleaned from my story? I'd love to hear them.... :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A green angel??

Today in school, Cosette was supposed to make a Bible Character costume. She's going to be 'acting out' a bunch of Bible Stories later on for different lessons, and she needed a costume :) I knew that Eli would want one too, so we made one for him as well. Unfortunately, I don't think that this is really how Mary and the Angel Gabriel would have dressed, but it was the best I could do with old sheets from my Mom's house and my limited cutting/sewing ability :) The kids loved them, though. All morning, they'd run to me and say stuff like "Mom, mom, guess what happened!" I'd be all ready to settle an argument, when I'd realize that Cosette really just wanted to tell me that the Angel Gabriel had come to tell her that she was going to have a baby named Jesus :) People keep telling me to 'enjoy these days with your little ones at home'. How could I not?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little lentil beans sure do suck up a lot of energy....

I remember seating tables in high-school---wiping them off, setting them up, getting through the long line of people on a busy Friday night. I remember the phone ringing and people waiting to check into the motel. I remember the one night someone had waited too long for his waitress to come and got mad at me. I remember feeling tired, and having charlie horses in my legs at night from being on them for the whole day long.

I remember taking 21 credits in college during one semester. I remember endless walks on cold days back and forth to the chapel, practicing for hours, going to classes, going to lessons, then going back to my dorm and spending the whole night on homework. I remember feeling worn out and tired.

But nothing, nothing folks, compares to the 'worn out' that I felt yesterday. Now, yesterday would not have been that big of a deal, normally, but the first few weeks of my first trimester are always the hardest on me, and I 'ran' too hard yesterday. I went grocery shopping with all three kids ( I drug my sister along), and it was a HUGE order. Stuff was falling out of my cart. Noah lost his tennis shoe, and I had to go back and forth over seven aisles in WalMart until I found it. Then, he dropped a container of hummus on the floor, and it splattered all over the place. I had to push my cart (which now weighed about 500 pounds) alllllllllll the way back to the other side of WalMart for a new tiny container of hummus. My pregnant, stretching belly was feeling awful, I needed food, and quick, and my whole body was hurting from pushing that stupid cart. Little things add up, you know? When my sister and the two older kids caught up with me, let's just say I was not a happy camper.

I got home around four, and knew it was too late for the kids to have a nap. I let them chill out in front of a movie for a little while so I could get the groceries put away. Then, I started on dinner. Let's just say, by the time Joel got home, I was an even MORE not happy camper. I grumbled, I groaned, I grouched my way through dinner. I snapped, I snarled (Okay, maybe not really, but it felt like it). I can honestly tell you that I have NEVER felt that tired before on a normal day. (I say on a normal day, because I felt more tired than that after my babies were born, but those aren't 'normal' days :) I thought that my whole body was going to just collapse wherever I was standing. I managed to put on a smile for my one piano student after dinner, but that was all I could manage. So, anyway, my loving husband put up with my grumbling, helped with the kids, and tucked me into bed :)

The point of this incredibly long story?? Well, I learned TWO very important things.

1. While I am pregnant, at least, I can not go grocery shopping every two weeks. It is going to have to be every week. The two week thing just makes for waaaaaay too much stuff, and it wears me out shopping for it, pushing it around, and putting it away. So, hello WalMart and Aldi's, Here I come....

2. While I am pregnant, I need to take a nap. Sound greedy? Not really. You see, when I am pregnant, my family does not like me when I do not take a nap, literally. And I don't blame them. I get un-functional. So, for my sake, my families sake, and the sake of this little lentil bean growing inside of me, the couch and I now spend a cozy 1/2 hour to 45 minutes together each afternoon. And oh, I felt SO. MUCH. BETTER today :)

Little adjustments for the sake of our new little one. Worth it? Absolutely :)

A (hopefully successful) Menu Plan

I have been struggling with this whole menu thing for the past several weeks. I make a plan, and then, when it comes time to cook just doesn't sound appetizing anymore. My pregnant body is rebelling. So.....I'm trying to do slightly more simple menus, in the hopes that, even if it doesn't sound good, I can still get it together for dinner :) Here's this week's menu, hopefully:

Monday: Chicken and Broccoli stir-fry, fresh oranges

Tuesday: Chicken-Asparagus-hummus wraps on whole wheat tortillas, crunchy chips and dip (mostly because I've been craving them), and fresh fruit

Wednesday: Salad Bar (Fix your own salad with fun toppings) and whole wheat French Bread

Thursday: Easy Baked Manicotti and Spinach Salad

Friday: Chicken Rice soup with left-over bread

Saturday: Flat-bread turkey sandwiches and Tomato soup

Sunday: Tuna-mac-cheese casserole, applesauce

Monday: (It's my birthday!! :) Baked French Toast and Oven Potatoes for breakfast. For Dinner, Beef Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes and fresh cooked broccoli with cheese . (Joel says he's doing all the cooking---I think I may help a little :)

Remember, you can always find more menu ideas here

Friday, October 09, 2009

Why I'll never need to buy an iPod........

Because I have my own personal band!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Number Four

In case any of you didn't get to see my last post, or just didn't 'get it', I'll spell it out for you plainly-----we are expecting a baby around the very end of May!!!!! (My actual due date is June 1st, but my mid-wives are predicting earlier since it's my fourth...we'll see.) We are super excited, obviously :) Cosette is also very excited, and is praying verrrrrry hard for a girl.

My last pregnancy with Noah was so very complicated, with so many weeks of worry and bed-rest, that we had actually considered that maybe he would be our last. Well, we eventually came to the conclusion that neither one of us liked that idea----at all. To not ever have another baby in the house, another little one to hold and coo over---well, we just couldn't accept that at all. We knew that even if another pregnancy would be as difficult as last time, it would be worth it. So, yes, this new little one was very much expected, anticipated, and prayed for :)

Now, some of you may think that we're nuts. A fourth baby, this soon?? What are they thinking?? Let me calm your worries a little.

1.) We don't see it that way at all. We have loved, rejoiced, and absolutely delighted in all of our other children, and we are doing exactly the same with this one. The thought of having another little dark eyed boy or sweet little girl running around the house thrills us. All of our children are a blessing.

2.) As far as the work load? It's really not as bad as you may think. You see, we've been training our older kids since....well.....since they were old enough to pick up a toy and put it in a basket. Here is what the older two help me with on a daily basis:

Eli: Get himself dressed, brush his teeth, use the potty, and keep his room clean and picked up at least once a day, help Cosette to set and clear the table at meal-times, put away his own laundry

Cosette: Get herself dressed, brush her teeth, make her bed, keep her room clean and picked up,
set and clear the table at meal-times, put away her own clean laundry

They are also frequently asked to help gather dirty laundry, sort it into dark and white piles, and carry dry clean laundry to the bedrooms. They are responsible for keeping library books on the shelf, and toys in the living room picked up.

I also frequently have them do miscellaneous household chores that are at their level, like sanitizing door-knobs and light-switches, folding laundry, etc.

So you see, I won't have four children all under six who are helpless and incapable of doing anything. I'll have one 5 1/2 year old who is actually a huge helper, and one four year old who is very close to being one himself :) At that point, Noah will also be expected to do more, like picking up his own toys and stuff. Adding a little one to the mix won't be that huge of a deal :)

I am a stay at home mom, and plan to be so for many, many years. Why not add all the little blessings in there while we can? ;) can you pray for us?

1.) Pray first of all for an uncomplicated, smooth-sailing pregnancy. My first two were simple and 'to the book'----pray for another one just like them :)

2.)Pray for a healthy baby. Duh.

3.) Pray for me to get my 'let's cook dinner' energy back. I don't tend to get 'sick' during pregnancy, but I do get tired...verrry, very tired. The thought of cooking dinner lately has required almost more energy than I can muster.....

4.) And finally, pray for a ...'ahem'....girl. Obviously, we'll be thrilled in the end with whomever God has in mind for us, but certain people in our family would be delighted with a girl....(In case we have a boy, that statement is off of the records.....)

Joel and I are amazed how in six short years, we will have moved from Joel and Jaime, to Joel, Jaime, Cosette, Eli, Noah, and Baby Curtis. God is Good, ALL the time :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Friday, October 02, 2009

What a Mom must do!

He gives more grace......and boy does this squeamish Mommy need it.......

I look outside to the back yard just in time to see Eli pushing his toy dump-truck across the picnic table. Suddenly, it hits a bump, and the bed of the truck comes flying back and hits him in the mouth. I can see sudden pain in his face, and he comes running toward the house. He has a mouthful of blood, literally, and his lip has a nice dent in it too. I calm him down, and work on cleaning it up. Luckily, no stitches were needed, just ice, but it was a nice mess to clean up, and a very scared little boy to calm down....and I think, how much better I handle this now than I would have ten years ago....

I hear cries. I turn around, and find that Eli and Noah have just clunked heads together. I scoop up my 'baby', who seems to be more upset, and hold him against my shoulder, soothing him. It's only after I pull him away that I realize that his mouth is actually bleeding---all over my shirt. And all over him and his clothes......Funny thing is, I never bothered changing my own shirt all day. What's a few drops of blood, anyway?? (Yeah, we seem to have a thing for bloody mouths in our house.....)

The scene: Twenty years ago, and I'm losing my first tooth. I'm terrified. I cry. I want that tooth to stay in there forever. I refuse to pull it, certain that it's going to hurt like crazy. Finally, one night, afraid that I'd swallow it, my mom announces that the tooth must come out. Every single tooth in my mouth came out with just as much sorrow and fear on my part......

Fast forward twenty years. My own daughter comes running to me in delight. Mom! Mom! Look! I think my front tooth is loose! I feel that all--too--familiar lump in my throat, but swallow it down quickly, take a big breath and smile. "Gee Cosette, that's great, let me wiggle it!"

I smile down at Eli as he enjoys his home-made monster cookie. ''That looks like a really yummy cookie, Eli." He smiles and nods, and then generously hands me a piece of that cookie. It's...wet. It's....slobbery. It's...half chewed already. But, my Mommy instincts kick in, and I thank him heartily and pop that slobbery cookie in my mouth. "Yumm.....tasty"

Some aspects of mother-hood are sweet---the cuddling, the sweet baby smiles, the hugs and kisses, the sweet little heads of soft hair....

Some aspects are 'not so sweet'---the blood, the injuries, the snotty noses, the slobbery cookies....

But, God gives more grace where it is needed, and I am ever so grateful :)


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