Monday, September 21, 2009

A sudden change of mind.....

Eli: Can I take a shower tonight, Mama, instead of a bath? 'Cause I'm a BIG boy now!

Me: Sometime Eli, but not tonight.

A few days later:

Eli: Mommy, can I pleeeease take a shower tonight? 'Cause I'm a BIG boy now!
Me: No, you're taking a bath tonight, Eli
Eli: I wanna take a shower sometime, Mama, I'm a BIG BOY now!!

Even later:

Me: Okay, Eli, if you really want to, you can take a shower instead of a bath. I have the water already running for you. Come get in.

Eli: not-so-fondly at the shower) Mama, I can't, 'cause I'm NOT A BIG BOY YET!!!


Elizabeth said...

He's such a funny boy!!! Must have been the intimidation of water spraying on his head and face....or maybe that bath-tub is sort of like his security-blanket for now....aren't you glad he's not really a "big boy" yet? :)

Anonymous said...

How I love that boy! Sometimes I feel just like that myself. I'm not a big girl yet. I'm curious - Did you let him have a bath instead?
Mom C

Jaime said...

LOL--Yes, we let him have a bath instead. He was looking genuinely afraid of the shower, so we didn't push it :)


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