Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School, school, school, and a picture :)

My days are very, very full. From the minute I wake up in the morning, I'm busy. As any of you moms out there already know, three little ones will keep you on your toes. Add into that the addition of kindergarten and first-grade home-schooling, and I'm never lacking for something to do :) After the first few days, I admire even more those moms who are homeschooling like seven different grades at a time :)

By the way, I love, love, LOVE our new curriculum. Love it. Check it out here. Maybe I'll change my mind by the end of the year, and if I do I'll let you know, but I doubt it.

In addition to all the normal letters/numbers/reading, etc that you would expect a first grader to work on, Cosette is already learning about these things: Collecting bugs and making bug habitats, doing simple equations, like ____ -1= 5, learning about the Jewish Calendar and how it correlates to our own calendar, which will follow up with more studies on Old Testament History, she made a pottery jar which also corresponded with her O.T. studies, she placed a piece of honey bread beside an ant hill to see what would happen, she's having guided drawing lessons, she's learning simple home economic skills like the five food groups, how to peel food, how to make a bed, etc, she has a Proverb of the week that she memorizes, I'm giving her recorder lessons, and the curriculum always has a boat-load of additional science or math related library books that we're supposed to check out and read :)

Whew!! And all of that in the first six days. It may sound like a lot for a little munchkin, but she's handling it beautifully. So much of it is 'hands on' and interesting that she thinks it's all fun!

Eli, too, is pleasing me with how interested he is with everything. At the beginning of the summer, he would NOT have been ready for any of this kind of stuff, but he's doing great now with just 1/2 an hour or so of 'sit-down' time with me. I think we've got a good grasp on his colors now, and he actually is recognizing about 10 different letters, which just pleases the punch out of me :) He spends much of the time that Cosette is doing school working on his kindergarten hand's on stuff, like his colored peg board, his alphabet puzzle, his number train, and just plain coloring, and cutting out paper :) He surprised me the other day by showing me a page full of letters that he had written. He did this on his own free time, and I was very happy.

But, as you can see, school takes up a lot of time, so my days are full. My apologies if I don't get around to everybody's blogs quite as frequently---I'm still here, just pressed for 'spare time'.

I'm seeing where simple household cleaning tasks like dusting and vacuuming may be just a little less well maintained around here, but that's alright. There's a fine line between knowing your priorities and just letting the house fall to shambles. I'll figure it out eventually, I'm sure :)

Here is a fun picture of Cosette working on
her Jewish Calendar this morning. Did YOU know
that the Jewish New Year starts in the spring in the month
of Nisan (Abib) to remind the people of God's protection
during the Passover and Exodus from Egypt? I didn't either :)
See how much fun homeschooling can be? ;)

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