Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Picture Collage

Here's a large mix of pictures from several different occasions that I've been wanting to post:

Over the weekend, we got to meet some
friends of my mom's whom she's known since
childhood. We've often heard her mention them,
and it was fun to actually meet them. My mom's friend
has several children, and here is one of them with
Cosette. Aren't they cute together?

My wonderful husband built a furnace room downstairs
to help keep my laundry and pantry area clean. He even
let the kids help him paint it! Isn't he a good Daddy? :)

Well, here it is, Cosette's first day of school photo :)
What a big girl!

This is the 'first day of school' the kids woke up
to this morning, and they were both super
excited. We had a great first day. The curriculum
we chose is perfect---just enough for Cosette without
being over-whelming.

Eli exploring his new school box

Cosette making a painting with the window crayons.
We are doing alot of 'hands on' type of activities
this year with school to make it fun :)

Practicing her pattern shapes

And finally, Joel takes one evening each month to
go on a 'date' with Cosette and an 'excursion' with Eli.
Well, tonight was Cosette's date night with Daddy, and she
was verrrry excited. She spent a large part of the afternoon
setting up this tea table for their date. She had me light candles,
and she served Hot Apple Cider to her Daddy. How special!

(Oh, and thank you all for your kind thoughts on my stomach bug :) Actually, I don't know what it was---I'm leaning more toward food poisoning, but I guess I'll never know for sure. I was feeling significantly better today, so I'm hoping to be back to normal very soon :)

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