Sunday, September 13, 2009

I can do it, Mama!

---yet when she's 'done', there is still shampoo in her hair and she forgot to scrub her ears.

---there is desitin from Noah's diaper all over the bed-room floor, because she insisted on changing his diaper herself, without telling me first.

---there is waaaaaay too much milk poured into the cereal bowls, and is thus wasted

---she is 'ready' to go to the library, yet her hair looks like she just went through a tornado because she 'fixed' it herself


----the laundry was folded to perfection the other day and even put away.

---she picked up her room without any problem

---She made our big bed all by herself, and it was only a tiny bit crooked. a mama, I am struggling deciding which things she is big enough to do 'all by herself', and which things I should really still help her with. I don't want to 'squash' her enthusiasm; on the contrary, I want to encourage her and train her and help her! And yet, at the same time, we can't afford for cup-fuls of milk to be wasted because she spilled them, or for Noah to get diaper rash because she didn't change his diaper properly, or for her to walk around with dirty ears because she 'forgot' to scrub them.
Where is that fine line? How does a Mama decide? I think that Joel and I will make an extra effort to let her do the things that are safe for her (or whatever sibling is involved!!), and that don't have to necessarily be done 'perfectly'. For example, I'm not concerned if the laundry isn't folded perfectly, or if my bed is made a little crooked. However, I do think it would be unwise to let her walk around with dried up shampoo in her hair! So, I am going to have to kindly explain to her that some things, Mama will still have to help with, even until she is much, much bigger.
My little girl is growing up, and I want her to do so with grace and dignity---not dirty ears ;)

Do any of you 'more experienced' parents out there have other suggestions or words of advice to offer?


Anonymous said...

You have sound wisdom. I like your last comment.
Mom C.

Marsha said...

My kids were that way with the milk in cereal bowls. It took some looking, but I found plastic glasses from a little tea party that were on the small side on how much they held. I just told them to use their bowls and pour out enough milk for one of those small cups. That seemed to do the trick. They had enough milk, but the cereal wasn't doing the backstroke in it.

You are a wise Mom. I think that letting Cosette do those things that you mentioned that don't have to be done perfectly is a great way to allow her to be the big girl she is but also have her realize that some things she still needs Mom to help with for now.


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