Saturday, September 12, 2009

Getting Spoiled

My week-end was a bit fuller than it usually is, but oh so fun! Unfortunately, I was so busy having fun that I forgot to take any pictures :( So, here are a few high-lights instead:

1. I got to have dinner out with my husband on Thursday night. Trust me, almost two hours sitting in a quiet restaurant eating incredible food with the man you love is, well----incredible :)
Thanks Joel!!

2. My sister recently finished her CNA/GNA certification, so, in honor of her graduation and job-finding success, my parents rented a motel room for her in a really nice motel that was just recently built (only about 15 min. from our home). They extended the invitation to me and my two cousins, and we went and had a fabulous girls night out! We ate dinner, sat in a jakuzzi, went swimming, stayed up way too late talking, slept in, ate a yummy breakfast, and then Kristin and I went to get my hair cut and went shopping. Trust me, this is not usual 'week-end happenings' for me, but I loved every minute of it!! We were trying to figure out a good excuse to go again next year. We finally decided that, maybe we should just make an annual thing of it, excuses or not ;)

So, here I am back home again. I am one happy camper. My food poisoning (or whatever that was) is completely gone, I had an incredible weekend, and I get to hear my husband preach tomorrow :)

When I got home, though, it was kind of like 'welcome back to reality' . I realized that dinner needed fixing, diaper bag needed packed for church tomorrow, Sunday School lesson needed prepared, three dirty kids needed bathed, and the house needed a general 'picking up' from being neglected all week-end. So, things were accomplished, and I can leave for church tomorrow in organized peace :)

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