Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An 'Eli' kind of week :)

Eli seems to have 'good weeks' and 'bad weeks'. Well, this week has been an 'in between' kind of week. It's not that he's been bad or disobedient, because he hasn't, he's just managed to get into a lot of mischief!

Yesterday, he locked my bed-room door. But, he was on the outside, with nobody on the inside. This wouldn't have been a huge problem, I could have left the door closed all day----except that I was still in pajamas, and had errands to run later on. I tried the little key thing, and could NOT get the door open. This is the second time this has happened, and I apologized profusely when I had to call Joel to ask him to come home and open up the bedroom door for me! Fortunately, while he was here, I finally had him show me what the trick is to unlocking the door, so I think I'm prepared for next time! (However, I hope that there won't be a 'next time', since I clearly explained to Eli that this is a big 'no-no'!)

Okay, then, today, I'm out in the kitchen, and Eli comes running. "Mom, come see what happened!" "What happened, Eli?" "An Accident!" Uh-oh! Not a good sign. The plug on our bathroom sink has been broken for a while, and we keep forgetting to fix it, so the hole in the sink is completely open. I've been afraid of dropping little things like earrings down there. However, Eli had managed to drop his whole toothbrush, upside down, down the sink pipe. I could just see the tip of it sticking up, and could not reach it. I was laughing, but Eli was quite upset.
"How will I brush my teeth, Mama?" I assured him that we would get him a new toothbrush, and tonight after Joel got home he got some tools and fished out the tooth brush.

So, after the tooth brush incident, I thought all was well. However, I heard Cosette say to Eli "I decided to turn a flower green, like Mama showed us to!" That sounded REALLY bad. However, when I went to her room to check, she had properly filled a vase with green food coloring to turn her Queen Anne's Lace green, and hadn't spilled a drop. I breathed a sigh of relief, but not for long. I headed to the kitchen, where I found Eli completely blue. He had decided to taste the food coloring, and had it all over his hands and mouth and lips and tongue and teeth. The funny thing was, his tooth-brush was currently down the sink drain, so I couldn't brush the food coloring out of his mouth, so he went around quite blue all morning :)

As I lay on the couch tonight, relaxing before tucking the kids in, Eli came over and started to rub his hands through my hair. Then, he patted my face really sweetly, and just gave me this incredibly precious grin. I thought "In spite of all of his mischief, where in the world would I be without my little Eli-guy??"


Chuck said...

i guess you will have to trust me on this one... but as they get older.. you will see this week as a "good week" ... maybe even a "great week"!!!!

Marsha said...

It is for that reason (very young children locking doors) that I kept up on my refrigerator a ver long and skinny standard screwdriver to unlock interior doors. My kids were always locking the bathroom door when they left it for some reason. Made me chuckle and think of those days long ago when the girls were young. Now I have one who will be old enough to drive next spring. Where does the time go??


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