Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moments I want to remember

Mama: "Eli, say Sssssandwich, not Hhhhandwich"

Eli: SSssssss......HHHHandwich!

We were visiting my parents, and my brother had just gotten home from work. He had taken a shower, and his hair was still very wet. He wisked Noah out of my hands, and went off with him for a few minutes, playing with him and making him laugh. Soon, though, he brought him back. "Here, Jaime, he needs a dry diaper, his shorts are all wet." Me: "Oh, I didn't realize. I thought he was dry when I handed him to you." But, sure enough, his shorts were soaked. I pulled them off, and was really confused when I felt his perfectly dry diaper. "Um, Wray.....what were you doing with him? His diaper is dry!" Wray: "Nothing, I just.....oh yeah, I put him on top of my head!!" :)
My Grandma to Cosette: "Cosette, you can't play in Gradma's backyard today, because the neighbors saw a Bob Cat in their driveway this morning."
Cosette: "Really? My Pappy Dale has one of those"
Grandma: "He DOES??"
Cosette: "Yeah, he lets my Daddy borrow it sometimes, and we keep it in our driveway for a while till Daddy is done with it.
Grandma: "You DO??" A BOBCAT??
Cosette: "Yep"
(Grandma asked me about this later, very confused, until I assured her that Cosette was referring to Grandpa Dale's Bob Cat DIGGER, not an animal :)
Me: What kind of icecream are you going to get, Eli?
Eli: I dunno
Me: I was thinking we could get you something healthy, like, vanilla-broccoli icecream.
Eli: Shocked into a look of stupor
Cosette: NO, Mama!
Mama: Then, how about brussel-sprout-chocolate?
Eli: (Now over his initial shock) Ewwww!!
Cosette: Mama, do they REALLY make icecream like that?? *smile*


Kelly said...

The Bobcat discussion made me laugh out loud! How funny! I need a good laugh, so thank you. Thank you also for the comment you left on my blog regarding Jack. It makes such a difference knowing there are people thinking about him and praying for him.

Anonymous said...

Jaime Curtis, you have a mean streak....broccoli-brussel sprout ice cream? geeez! That child is going to have nightmares.

Jaime said...

LOL! I couldn't resist. Okay, who was that 'anonymous' comment from? Come on, 'fess up! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to be so secretive, it's mumz haha.
I had to type it twice and I guess I forgot to sign it.


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