Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just the boys

Cosette is at my Grandma's house today to spend the night, and it's amazing how the dynamics of our family change without her here! Mama with two boys feels much different than Mama and Cosette and two boys!!
I decided to try to have a fun day with the boys since I don't get to have just them very often. We all went to the library and picked out fun books, then I took them to Arby's for lunch, where Eli quickly devoured an entire Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich, then we ran a quick errand to Dollar General. Upon returning home, I realized that I could take them on a bike-ride by myself, since there were only two of them, not three :) So, I packed the boys up into the bike tag-along, and off we went. We went to the end of the road and back. And then, they were laughing and giggling so much, that we went to the top of the hill and back again :) When we came in, we sat on the couch and read through a pile of library books---skipping all the 'girly' ones I had picked out for Cosette :) So, I read books about a disobedient puppy, a milk-man, and something else, which I can't remember :)
The boys are both sound asleep right now, and I'm blogging on my lap-top sitting on my bed, since Cosette is not taking a nap in here today :)
I enjoyed my day with just the boys---it's nice to have some 'individual attention' time with just them every once and a while. But, I will be glad when my Cosette girl gets home again. I miss her!!!

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